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Hawwa Zeena

When I decided to do my MBA, I preferred Villa College because it is the most popular higher education institution in Maldives. The relationships among lecturers, staff and students are very amiable, which gave me an opportunity to become proficient in my area of interest in a very comfortable... Read More


Aishath Azal Ali Zahir

I initially had the opportunity to study a Diploma and I had not thought of continuing further than that here. But I have had an amazing experience in Villa College which made me change my mind completely. Now, I am continuing my studies and my music career here at the same time. I would love to... Read More


Usman Shaz

My interest in the legal field stemmed at a very young age. The decision to choose it as a career was made during my A'levels, thanks in part to one of my teachers, who was actually a lawyer himself. He inspired me to become a person that can bring a positive change in the society. This has proven... Read More


Jessie Jemimah Nixon

I gained interested in the field of business rather late honestly. I completed my O'levels and A'levels in science. But this one particular moment during my A'levels where one of my teachers were absent, I had to stay in a business class. I listened to the teacher explaining about business and that... Read More


Abdulla Hanaan

During my O levels my interest towards economics was very minimal. However, during A levels my interest started to veer towards the subject as i started to understand the importance of it. Scoring high on economics was a challenge since it was comparatively different from other subjects i was... Read More


Ibrahim Ilhan Ismail

My dream of becoming a unique person is my number one priority. My close friends really understand my nature. Completion of my GCE O’level exam was the foundation brick laid towards my future. I have plans to exploit and improve a variety of my talents in the future, and becoming one of the... Read More


Akram Hussain

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته... އަޅުގަނޑު މާސްޓާސް އޮފް ޓީޗިންގ އިސްލާމިކް ސްޓަޑީސް ވިލާ ކޮލެޖުން ފުރިހަމަ ކުރި އިރު ފާހަގަ ކުރެވުނީ ވިލާ ކޮލެޖަކީ އެކުވެރި... Read More


Maryam Shifuna

As a child, I would always dress up as a nurse for various special occasions held at school and ever since then, nursing has been the field I wanted to succeed in. After my O’levels, I completed English for Further Studies, followed it up by completing Advanced Certificate in Nursing. This... Read More


Inasa Umar

My story isn’t extra ordinary. As a matter of fact, I am an ordinary student striving for outstanding results. Despite all this, I was a dreamer. I had several second thoughts about my career options. Upon finishing my A’ levels, I knew that I had to start somewhere and I am always... Read More


Mohamed Sharuwan Ismail

I was unaware of the opportunities in Higher Studies, here in the the Maldives when I studied for my O’levels. This actually made me think of going abroad for further studies. But after completing my O’levels, I did some research and found Villa College through various social media... Read More


Hudha Rasheed

After finishing my O Levels, I was having a difficult time trying to figure out where I was going to be studying from. I heard about Villa College through social media and my peers, and all of them preached and promised great things. I applied with high expectations and great confidence that Villa... Read More


Ismail Saamiu Shafeeg

Hi, my name is Samiu, and I am currently doing my Bachelor of Psychology in VC. When I had completed my higher secondary, I did not know what career I wanted to pursue, and I dabbled in numerous fields of study but found most of them dry. I spent my days writing fiction and poetry for most of my... Read More


Mariyam Dhaha Mohamed Fareed

I choose Villa College as it is reputed to be one of the best colleges in the Maldives and well known for its capable lecturers. I was convinced that I would get the necessary guidance I needed from Villa College. I believe choosing Villa College for my further studies was one of the best choices I... Read More


Sharoona Adam

After two remarkable years spent at Villa College, today I am proud to hold a Bachelor’s degree from the University of the West of England, which is affiliated with Villa College. Villa College is by far the best institute for higher education in the Maldives. The lecturers at VC are... Read More


Aminath Siman Thaufeeg

From the time I knew that I wanted to study psychology, I searched up for higher education institutes in the Maldives that offered the best education, and Villa College was one of them. Villa College is a well-reputed college that offers a variety of high-quality programmes, some of them... Read More


Shuba Minhaj

I’m a twenty-year-old, who is passionate about the environment, women’s rights and in love with volunteer work. I have a typical science background with a bunch of school competitions under my belt. I am a first-year degree student here in Villa College studying Bachelor of Psychology.... Read More


Hana Mohamed

I chose Villa College (VC) for my studies because I wanted to acquire knowledge, skills and practical strategies to pursue my career in the field of teaching. The programme has already surpassed my hopes meaningfully the past year. The Foundation in Teaching course that I am enrolled in has... Read More


Ibrahim Shujau

Even though I started my first job right after completing my secondary education, I had always wanted to go for higher education. While working full time, pursuing my dream of higher education at that time seemed difficult. However, my decision to choose Villa College (VC), to study Certificate 4... Read More


Ibrahim Junadh Haleem

My college life in Villa College has been an amazing experience. The college has a very green and relaxing environment for the students and the facilities such as student services, library and printing facilitites are very reliable and satisfactory. 


Aishath Shimla

I couldn't be more satisfied and proud of myself than holding a Master’s degree from the University of the West of England (UWE) in association with Villa College. The institute not only prepared me to become a reflective practitioner for life but also inculcated ethical values that would... Read More


Fathimath Firasha

During my 4 years at Villa College, I’ve not only become a better, well-informed, and more capable teacher, I have also met and learnt from some of the very best. We have a saying in our native language that roughly translates to ‘A book alone cannot make you a master’, and sure... Read More


Fathimath Sharaaf

Villa college has been an amazing experience for my higher education. A homely environment with friendly lecturers is convenient to study. Also a flexibility in class time and availability of many services and activities made my college life prosperous.


Liusha Hassan

I can proudly say that Villa College has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. VC has provided many opportunities where I can show my leadership skills, as well as chances to bring out the best of me in reaching my... Read More


Aishath Ashfa

I applied to Villa College in the hopes of studying for a brighter future. I had really high hopes and expectations from this college. Fortunately, those were answered with the college’s high-quality teaching and studies. The student portal made especially for the students was a great asset... Read More


Hussain Anwar

Studying at Villa College has been a wonderful academic journey for me. I can study from a Villa College campus in the Maldives and graduate as a student of the University of the West England. In addition, VC academics are highly skilled and they tutor students to their maximum potential. The staff... Read More


Salam Ahmed

Villa College has a homely atmosphere, with helpful student care staff and lecturers, as well as easily accessible classrooms and other facilities. The students at VC are very supportive and this helped me when I first joined.  The college has extracurricular activities which are fun to... Read More


Thorif Ahmed

In my opinion, the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance [BAAF] is the best out of all accounting degree programmes in the country. In addition to the fact that it’s a UK programme, it provides exemptions from the nine fundamental papers of ACCA. It also allows people who have no prior knowledge... Read More


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