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I am a Computer Science student, completing my second year at Villa College and in my programme. I am working at Dhiraagu as a Technical Support Specialist.

Pursuing a first degree at the age of 28 years is challenging, especially while working and studying full-time, which is not easy. Learning innovative ideas and finding inspiring opportunities are activities that I always look out for.

When I started the course, I never thought that we would have an unforeseen challenge in our studies, but we had a sudden change from face-to-face theory and practical classes to going classes online. At first, it was very challenging, and I faced many difficulties and obstacles.

However, we managed to adapt to and continue with online classes. However, coordinating tasks with group members from class for meetings and working sessions became a challenge, and the team dynamic of working in a group changed since we couldn’t meet in person anymore. Even in lecture-based classes, not meeting in person changed the experience. Students are normally able to ask questions during lectures, which is beneficial for other students and for the lecturer, while in online classes, they may not realize that students are missing an important concept.

This was how the COVID pandemic lockdown was for me, busy with so much new learning. Some of the interesting modules in this course like Intelligent Systems and IOT have given me a lot of additional knowledge I’ll be able to use, which will definitely help me out in my career.

In completing the whole second year of the course online, what seemed impossible has proved to be possible now. But I really look forward to the day we can begin face-to-face classes again and to continuing my physical studies at Villa College.

We thought that computer lab sessions had to be physically attended classes, but now we all know they can be done online, virtually, anytime, anywhere! And Villa College computer science lecturers have been doing their best to ensure that we continue to receive a quality education.

I must say that we all must face difficulties with courage and find a workaround when we meet an obstacle.

Ibrahim Hamooz Abdul Razzag - BSc Computer Science student
15 Apr 2021

Villa College has a homely atmosphere, with helpful student care staff and lecturers, as well as easily accessible classrooms and other facilities. The students at VC are very supportive and this helped me when I first joined. The college has extracurricular activities which are fun to be part of, like sports tournaments, talent shows and exposure trips.

Salam Ahmed
23 Jul 2024

Studying at Villa College has been a wonderful academic journey for me. I can study from a Villa College campus in the Maldives and graduate as a student of the University of the West England. In addition, VC academics are highly skilled and they tutor students to their maximum potential. The staff and lecturers are extremely friendly and they guide students to grow and mature in their educational fields while providing an enjoyable atmosphere for the academic, social and personal growth of students.

Hussain Anwar
26 Dec 2012

Villa college has been an amazing experience for my higher education. A homely environment with friendly lecturers is convenient to study. Also a flexibility in class time and availability of many services and activities made my college life prosperous.

Fathimath Sharaaf
26 Dec 2018

My college life in Villa College has been an amazing experience. The college has a very green and relaxing environment for the students and the facilities such as student services, library and printing facilitites are very reliable and satisfactory.

Ibrahim Junadh Haleem
26 Dec 2018

Even though I started my first job right after completing my secondary education, I had always wanted to go for higher education. While working full time, pursuing my dream of higher education at that time seemed difficult. However, my decision to choose Villa College (VC), to study Certificate 4 In Human Resource Management proved otherwise as VC offers a flexible platform for the students who are employed as well. I like the fact that the classes of my programme are held in an interactive manner and the lecturers are always willing to help the students. I especially appreciate how the online classes are held during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m delighted to be a student of Centre for Foundation Studies and Villa College as this institute provides a supportive environment to successfully complete my course.

Ibrahim Shujau
28 Apr 2021

I chose Villa College (VC) for my studies because I wanted to acquire knowledge, skills and practical strategies to pursue my career in the field of teaching. The programme has already surpassed my hopes meaningfully the past year. The Foundation in Teaching course that I am enrolled in has already helped me achieve structure, pure determination, evocative ideas, enthusiasm and a spring in my step. Also, I found that the coursework included in the programme are extremely relevant to be applied in the work-life. VC has facilitated a flexible platform for students to study while working. Also, the lecturers provide great feedback and encouragement allowing us to apply skills when completing the coursework and the assignments. Additionally, I am impressed with the level of support offered to us by the lecturers teaching from afar, through the online platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the challenges of the current pandemic, the do-able pace of teachers has inspired me to be on top of my game. I am really glad that I joined this college and I would love to continue my studies with the same institution which has been delivering an outstanding form of teaching.

Hana Mohamed
28 Apr 2018

I’m a twenty-year-old, who is passionate about the environment, women’s rights and in love with volunteer work. I have a typical science background with a bunch of school competitions under my belt. I am a first-year degree student here in Villa College studying Bachelor of Psychology. I’ve always been passionate about making a difference, and studying Psychology at Villa College is laying the foundations for turning that passion into an actual job! I enjoy studying, but the work in my module is not only enjoyable, but fun as well. Because of COVID-19 all my classes so far have been online but I am so grateful for having such engaging lecturers who are driven in their work and be part of a student group who matches my passion. I’m excited to continue my learning journey with Villa College.

Shuba Minhaj
23 Jul 2024

From the time I knew that I wanted to study psychology, I searched up for higher education institutes in the Maldives that offered the best education, and Villa College was one of them. Villa College is a well-reputed college that offers a variety of high-quality programmes, some of them international collaborations with other educational institutes from different countries around the world. Villa College is also one of the first leading private colleges in the Maldives that has an abundance of facilities and lecturers who are experts in their fields, to ensure students are both knowledgeable and ready for practice. ‘My expectations could not have been higher’, I realized, after experiencing all these myself when I joined Villa College for my BPs (Bachelor of Psychology)! Course module outlines are explained briefly right at the start, and lecturers make sure students are aware of and knowledgeable about assignments and exams before deadlines to make sure they are well-prepared and work well in time to meet deadlines. All course modules are being covered online currently due to the global pandemic though, and personally I feel face-to-face classes are much more effective. They are more interactive and allows everyone to share their thoughts comfortably in an open environment. In addition to teaching, all first year and second year students were offered placements to gain practical training at different psychological service providing institutions in the Maldives. This educational opportunity provided by Villa College has facilitated students, including me, to gain an in-depth understanding of various practical skills and knowledge about the professional work environment, and helped me to gain perspectives on areas in which I would like to focus/specialize. I have also taken part actively in the Mental Health Day to create awareness among people, and participated in several competitions that were held at Villa College. Some of the main highlights are the poster competition and the cultural day that were celebrated at Villa College. The bottom line is that Villa College has truly helped me to reach new heights both academically and personally. I am glad I chose to study here!

Aminath Siman Thaufeeg
18 Mar 2018

After two remarkable years spent at Villa College, today I am proud to hold a Bachelor’s degree from the University of the West of England, which is affiliated with Villa College. Villa College is by far the best institute for higher education in the Maldives. The lecturers at VC are exceptionally skilled and experienced. They are not only knowledgeable in their fields, but they also developed a strong rapport with the students – one which kept me driving during the studies. Moreover, I would like to highlight the tremendous effort they put into our studies, supporting and guiding us at the most difficult times. In addition, Villa College offers the best nursing programmes, well-designed to cater for the growing needs of the health care sector. The BSc (Hons) Nursing programme from VC is well-structured. It enabled me to gain knowledge and skills that are crucial and beneficial in best performing my job as a nurse. Choosing VC for my bachelor’s degree is the best decision that I ever took. I look forward to completing my Master’s Degree from Villa College.

Sharoona Adam
23 Jul 2024

I choose Villa College as it is reputed to be one of the best colleges in the Maldives and well known for its capable lecturers. I was convinced that I would get the necessary guidance I needed from Villa College. I believe choosing Villa College for my further studies was one of the best choices I have made. Though the studies started during a pandemic, I am glad to say that the lecturers of Villa College have been working at their best to provide the finest education possible. The positive energy of the lecturers surely helped me, as well as my fellow classmates, stay motivated and try our best to reach for our goals. Despite attending lectures through a screen, I believe the college environment is beautiful with the utmost helpful and friendly staff and lecturers who are available to help us with our slightest doubts and issues. Blessed with truly knowledgeable and hardworking lecturers, who encourage the students and believe in them, I am extremely grateful for the choice I made by applying to Villa College.

Mariyam Dhaha Mohamed Fareed
23 Jul 2024

Hi, my name is Samiu, and I am currently doing my Bachelor of Psychology in VC. When I had completed my higher secondary, I did not know what career I wanted to pursue, and I dabbled in numerous fields of study but found most of them dry. I spent my days writing fiction and poetry for most of my early twenties, which I thought would be my life-long passion – that was until I came across an old psychology book that belonged to my Mom. As I kept reading through the book, psychology became more than a passion and more personal to my well-being and those around me. Although I did want to study psychology, I could not go abroad for my studies due to circumstances. I also wanted to find a college or university in the Maldives where lecturers are competent, have a passion for their work, and celebrates academic debate. Villa college is just that, and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to pursue a psychology career. I also hope that anyone who has come across this testimonial who aspires to pursue a career other than psychology will think about taking an introductory course in psychology. It is my belief that having some psychology knowledge can help anyone, both personally and professionally.

Ismail Saamiu Shafeeg
28 Apr 2021