Chinese Language Centre


The Chinese Language Centre is a three-partner collaboration between Villa College, and Chang’an University and Hunan Mass Media and Vocational and Technical College from China, under an agreement between Villa College and the Chinese International Education Foundation. The centre was inaugurated on 28 September 2020 and is set to launch its programmes in November.

Most courses will be conducted face-to-face at the QI campus in Male’, though some customer-tailored programmes may be conducted virtually, with additional face-to-face time.

The class size will be up to 20 per group, and the classes will be interactive, enabling participants to learn spoken Chinese initially, useful for general conversation, as well as tourism & hospitality, and other occupations. Classes will normally be held between 4PM and 8PM, and some at the weekend.

The programmes will also enable younger learners to have easier access to tours and opportunities for further studies in China.