Aharenge Vaahaka: My game-changing ACCA Journey at Villa College by Mohamed Naavee Anees

Aharenge Vaahaka: My game-changing ACCA Journey at Villa College by Mohamed Naavee Anees

Embarking on the ACCA journey at Villa College in January 2022 has been a total game-changer for me, both personally and professionally! Balancing my role as a Senior Associate at Deloitte with the crazy demands of this program has been one wild ride, but it has enriched my life in ways I never saw coming.

The academic excellence at Villa College is off the charts. The lecturers do not just teach; they inspire! They make complex concepts feel like a breeze. Specifically, in PM and FM, the lecturers' passion and approachability turned super tough subjects into fascinating deep dives, sparking a fire in me that I never knew I had.

But what really sets Villa College apart is the insanely supportive vibe. The faculty's commitment to organizing revision classes has been instrumental in my success. These sessions have not only deepened my understanding but also boosted my confidence to sky-high levels as I face each exam.

And the campus facilities? Absolutely amazing. The cleanliness, the spacious study areas, and the well-equipped classrooms create a vibe that's both perfect for learning and super motivating. It’s like every detail is designed to make the student experience top-notch.

Looking back on my time here, I cannot believe how much I have grown. The challenges of juggling work and study have pushed me beyond my limits, and the support system at Villa College has been crucial. The education I have gotten here has directly impacted my professional work at Deloitte Partners where I work as a Senior Associate, making the knowledge I gain immediately useful and valuable.

As I gear up to finish the remaining modules, I am filled with mad gratitude and excitement. Villa College has not only given me an education but has also shaped my professional identity and built my resilience. The journey has been extremely demanding, but equally rewarding.

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