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Pre-Masters Programme

Pre-Masters Programme

Course Fee

MVR 2,800/- per month x 4 months

Awarding Body
Villa College
January / May / September
15 Weeks, 1 Semester

Programme Details


This programme aims to provide generic skills and research skills required for pursuing postgraduate studies. It provides study skills, language skills, library and research skills required for postgraduate studies while focusing on critical thinking skills and ability to pursue original research in tackling and solving problems in the area of study.

The programme may serve as a bridging programme for students wishing to undertake a postgraduate programme in an area of study in which the students do not hold a level 7 qualification. Equally, the programme could be offered for students wishing to start postgraduate studies after a long break.

General Entry Criteria

  • 25 years of age AND

  • Completion of a Diploma in a related field AND

  • 7 years of work experience (3.5 years should be after having a Diploma)

Core Modules

  1. English for Advanced Studies

  2. Library and Online Researching for Academic Studies

  3. Introduction to Research

Elective Modules (Select One):

  1. Business

  2. Educational Studies

  3. Information System Development

  4. Introduction to Shariah

  5. Public Health

Course fee: MVR 2,800/- per month x 4 Months


Fathimath Shifaza, Pre-Masters Programme, CFS

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