MSc Accounting and Finance - Qualified Professionals Route

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MSc Accounting and Finance - Qualified Professionals Route

MSc Accounting and Finance - Qualified Professionals Route

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Awarding Body
The University of the West of England
1 Year
Level 9

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The award aims to provide an opportunity for graduates, and experienced practitioners in the field of accounting and finance to deepen and broaden their knowledge and skills. Depth should be achieved by detailed exploration of aspects of financial strategy and accounting, especially by the specialist knowledge that will be gained in the area of the dissertation. Breadth should be achieved by viewing accounting and financial management within its historical, social and organisational contexts and by encouraging the adoption of a critical, questioning approach to conventional ‘first degree’ protocols. The award will contribute to students’ career and personal development by building on undergraduate and professional curricula - covering much of the content of the final stage of professional syllabuses but, by re-engaging with the underlying conceptual fundamentals, going beyond the constraints conventionally imposed.

The programme is accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). On successful completion of the programme, Maldivian graduates are eligible for exemption from a range of ACCA and CIMA professional examination papers.

ACCA qualified students may apply for exemptions entry equivalent to 105 credits, only requiring 3 modules for the award of MSc Accounting and Finance - Research Methods in Accounting and Finance, Dissertation-Accounting and Finance and Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance.

ACCA or CIMA membership

Financial Context and Contemporary Issues - Develops your ability to comprehend contemporary and potential future accounting and Financial management issues from a questioning and holistic perspective. Research Methods - Provides you with sufficient research training to plan, undertake and effectively manage a substantial, analytical dissertation. Dissertation - Gives you an opportunity to research an area of accounting or financial management that is of particular interest to you and of relevance to your career or your organization.

Option 1
Duration: Three Semesters (15 months)
Semester 1 - One Module
Semester 2 - One Module
Semester 3 - Dissertation
Course Fee: MVR 4850 per month

Option 2
Duration: Two Semesters (11 months)
Semester 1 - Two Modules
Semester 2 - Dissertation
Course Fee: MVR 6199 per month

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