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Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health

Course Fee

MVR 4,350 per month x 15 months

Awarding Body
Villa College
January / May / September
1 Year
Level 9

Programme Details


This programme aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to address relevant issues with public health academics, researchers and practitioners. It covers the whole breadth of public health, encompassing low, middle- and high-income countries. According to the World Health Organization each year, 15 million deaths are attributed to non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular diseases (like heart attacks and strokes), cancers, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma) and diabetes. The need to consider the wider determinants of health to support people to stay well and healthy is the essence of public health. The Master of Public Health programme is designed for graduates or experienced health professionals who want to develop their knowledge of public health. The programme will be delivered through experienced expert academic staff with a focus on professional practice, equipping them for a successful career in the public or private sector, or a role as an academic researcher.

General Entry Criteria

  • A related Bachelor’s Degree OR

  • A related Graduate Diploma at Level 8

Alternative Entry Criteria

  • 25 years old AND
    completion of a related Level 5 qualification AND

  • 7 years of relevant experience (of which 3.5 years of experience is obtained after completion of a Level 5 qualification) AND

  • Completion of an MQA-approved Pre-master’s Programme. OR

  • 25 years old AND

  • Completion of a related Level 6 qualification AND

  • 6 years of relevant experience (of which 3 years of experience is obtained after completion of a Level 6 qualification) AND

  • Completion of an MQA-approved Pre-master’s Programme.

Core Modules

  1. Introduction to Public Health

  2. Epidemiology and Disease Control

  3. Health Planning and Promotion

  4. Health Economics

Exit with Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health

  1. Leadership in Public Health 

  2. Qualitative Research Methods in Health

  3. Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis in Health 

  4. Dissertation 

Award Master of Public Health

Course fee: MVR 4,350 per month x 15 months

Upon successful completion of this programme participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competencies and identify population-based public health strategies 

  • Demonstrate substantial understating of the impact variables on the workplace, such as the development of research proposals and reporting on population health needs, and less substantially on their impact on society, such as contributing equitable access to quality services

  • Apply critical knowledge and skills to plan, organize, and evaluate an effective health programme

  • Use a critical understanding of epidemiologic methodology to identify specific issues in public health, develop hypotheses, and design research to investigate them

  • Deal with complex ethical and professional issues in public health

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