Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours)


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Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours)

Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours)

Course Fee

MVR 5,150 per month x 36 months

Awarding Body
Taylor's University
January / May / September
3 Years
Level 7
Face-to-Face / Blended Learning

Programme Details


The Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons) curriculum is integrated with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities, focusing on key managerial and entrepreneurial competencies to position our graduates on par with the industry leaders. The aim of the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours) programme is to produce professionals with the right skills, knowledge and attitude in the field of hospitality.

General Entry Criteria

  • Two A-Level passes (E and above);

Alternative Entry Criteria

  • Completion of a Level 4 qualification / Advanced Certificate

Core Modules

Year 1

Semester 1

  1. Business of Hospitality, Food and Leisure Management

  2. Principles of Marketing

  3. Food Safety and Sanitation

  4. Life Skills for Success and Wellbeing

  5. Millennials Asia: Team Dynamics and Relationship Management

  6. Philosophy and Current Issues

Semester 2

  1. Social Innovation Project

  2. Accommodation Management

  3. Introduction to Restaurant Operations

  4. Principles of Culinary

  5. Hospitality Management & Leadership

  6. Dhivehi Language

Semester 3

  1. Beverage Management

  2. Understanding Entrepreneurialism

Year 2

Semester 4

  1. Food and Beverage Operations Management

  2. French

  3. Research methods

  4. Room Division Management

  5. Hotel Innovation Management

Semester 5

  1. Chinese Language 1

  2. Chinese Language 2

  3. Social Media for Events

  4. Event and Tourism Risk Management

  5. Intercultural Communication

Semester 6

  1. Hotel Revenue Management

  2. Service Quality Management in Hospitality

Year 3

  1. Hospitality project management

  2. Hospitality Business Modelling and Simulation

  3. Research Project

Semester 7

  1. Internship

Course Fee: MVR 5,150 per month (36 months)
(MVR 3,483 per month under the government free degree scheme)

Upon successful completion of this programme participants will be able to;

Acquire concepts and apply knowledge to the operational departments of Hospitality businesses. 

Demonstrate professional skills to operate Hospitality related businesses.

Integrate professional, social, ethical responsibilities and values in practicing Hospitality businesses.

Develop self-disposition skills for acquiring hospitality competence through self-directed learning, self-inquiry, self-assessment, and self-reflection undertaken on an ongoing basis.

Demonstrate effective, efficient, expressive, and sensitive communication skills to diverse stakeholders specific to the hospitality industry.

Demonstrate problem-solving and decision-making skills to address the evolving changes and challenges in the hospitality industry

Develop self-awareness and self-regulation of emotions in dealing with stakeholders in the hospitality business setting.

Cultivate entrepreneurial competencies in hospitality businesses that are transferable to related industries

Develop intercultural teamwork capabilities to work in a culturally diversified hospitality environment

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