BA in Human Resources Management and Development


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BA in Human Resources Management and Development

BA in Human Resources Management and Development

Course Fee

MVR 3,750 per month x 36 months

Awarding Body
Villa College
January / May / September
3 Years
Level 7

Programme Details


The Bachelor of Human Resources Management programme is designed for those who are interested in a thorough grounding in human resource management theory and practice. The programme is targeted for individuals who work as human resource managers, supervisors and adminstrators in public and private sector organizations. The programme combines both theory and practice of human resource management, with particular emphasis on HRM issues in Maldives. Students will be provided with access to all required learning materials and will include projects, simulations and assignments. Face-to-face lectures and tutorials will provide the opprtunity for interactive learning engagements.

General Entry Criteria

  • 2 passes in A Level/HSC (At GCE A/L, a pass is considered E and above. HSC pass is considered C and above) OR

  • Attainment of a Level 4 qualification in a related field OR

  • Attainment of Level 4 Foundation Study Programme approved for the specific Diploma programme.

Core Modules

Year 1

  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management 

  2. Communication and Public Relations

  3. Entrepreneurship

  4. Leadership and Organisational Behavior

  5. Managing Organisational Culture and Change 

  6. Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management

  7. Conflict Resolution and Management in The Workplace

  8. Policy, Planning and Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management and Development awarded after completion of the first year

Year 2

  1. Recruitment and Selection 

  2. Labour Law and Industrial Relations

  3. Compensation and Benefits

  4. Human Resource Development

  5. Maldivian Language and Culture In Time

  6. Managerial Economics

  7. Business Statistics

  8. Management Information Systems

Year 3

  1. Knowledge Management

  2. International Human Resource Management

  3. Business Research Methods

  4. Performance Evaluation and Management

  5. Strategic Human Resource Management 

  6. Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management Practice

Optional Modules (30 Credits Needed)

  1. Human Resources Management Research Project

  2. Industrial Training 

  3. HRM Consultancy Report

Course Fee: MVR 3,750 per month x 36 months
(MVR 1,908.33 per month under government free degree scheme)

Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will be able to

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the main theories, concepts and principles of human resource management and be able to integrate these concepts into the work environment.

  • Acquire a critical understanding of contemporary business issues and theoretical debates, including ethics & ethical decision-making, sustainability and global citizenship.

  • Demonstrate employability attributes and skills necessary for a challenging career in human resource management.

  • Use professional-level insights in interpreting and synthesizing solutions to evaluate and address issues related to human resource management.

  • Take initiative and independence to undertake significant responsibilities at the professional level in the area of human resource management, in an ethical manner

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