BA (Hons) International Business Management (Top-Up)


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BA (Hons) International Business Management (Top-Up)

BA (Hons) International Business Management (Top-Up)

Course Fee

MVR 4,675 per month x 12 months

Awarding Body
The University of the West of England
January / May / September
1 Year
Level 7

Programme Details


This programme offers students a flexible, contemporary, and integrated business and management education covering key disciplines and operational areas of business with a specific focus on the international dimensions of business and management. The curriculum aims to challenge students in their ways of thinking, behaving, and learning, covering critical business issues of change and complexity, ethics and ethical decision-making, sustainability and global citizenship within their disciplinary context. Student learning is grounded in the external context wherever appropriate through, for example, external speakers, assessment that provides opportunities for students to test out concepts in practice and incorporation of reflections on own experience of organisations.

General Entry Criteria

• A related MNQF level 6 qualification

Core Modules

Year 1

  1. Business Project

  2. Business Project in Theory

  3. Enterprise Project

(Students must take 30 credits within this compulsory module group.

The Enterprise Project (UMCD9Q-30-3) modules is a barred combination with both the Business Project in Theory (UMCDVE-15-3) and the Business Project (UMCDVF-15-3) modules.

The Business Project in Theory (UMCDVE-15-3) module is a co-requisite to the Business Project (UMCDVF-15-3) module. All projects must be in the field of international business.)

Compulsory modules

  1. Academic and Professional Development

  2. Business Strategy

  3. Integrated Business Management Simulation

  4. Managing Organizational Change

  5. Multinationals in the Domestic and

Optional Modules (Choose one)

  • Doing Business in Asia

  • International Human Resource Management

  • International Marketing Communications

  • The Economics of Developing Countries

  • Virtual Business

The programme aims to enable students to:

  •  Acquire a critical understanding of organisations, their management, and the changing global environment in which they operate.

  • Be equipped with the employability attributes and skills necessary for careers in international business and management

  • Develop an analytical and enquiring approach in the analysis of business problems so that considered and appropriate conclusions are drawn – which can be communicated effectively in a variety of forms

  • Have an informed understanding of critical contemporary business issues and theoretical debates, including ethics and ethical decision-making, sustainability, and global citizenship Work with academic theory in practice

Course Fee: MVR 4,675 per month x 12 months
(MVR 2834 per month under government free degree scheme)

On the successful completion of this programme participants will be able to have:

Knowledge and Understanding of;

  • The global business environment

  • Key functional areas of business and management business areas, such as marketing, accounting, human resources, strategy and operations management

  • How aspects of business and management interrelate and affect overall organisational performance

  • Current issues and priorities in contemporary management including entrepreneurship, change management and sustainability, ethics and corporate social responsibility

  • Theory, practice, controversies, and challenges associated with the conduct of international business and management

Intellectual Skills;

  • Identify and analyse business and management problems utilizing appropriate concepts, models, and frameworks

  • Ability to gather, critically evaluate and apply information, data and evidence from a range of resources

  • Analysis and critical thinking skills to develop informed arguments and propose evidence-based recommendations in defined contexts

  • Ability to express ideas and solutions to problems fluently in a manner appropriate to the needs of diverse audiences and in a variety of formats

  • Design, execute and evaluate ethical research into business and management issues

Subject/Professional Practice Skills;

  • Effective use of a range of ICT tools

  • Work effectively as a member of a team to achieve goals within time constraints and utilise the contributions of individual group members

  • Ability to recognize and address a range of ethical dilemmas, applying the principles of ethical management to a range of situations and choices

Transferable skills and other attributes;

  • Self-awareness and reflectivity in practice

  • Ability to articulate and apply knowledge and skills gained during their studies to support their ongoing personal development

  • Ability to apply the principles of ethical management

  • Understanding of the value of diversity and global outlook


BA (Hons) International Business Management (Top-Up)

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