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Villa College is now open for admission to the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme. The programme is scheduled to begin for the September Intake at Villa College.

The programme is designed to allow students to enter the programme at three different levels.

New Bachelor of Pharmacy students can be admitted to the program if they have passed a total of 3 subjects, including A-level chemistry and physics, or with a MNQF Level 4 qualification in a relevant field and an O-level or equivalent English pass.

If you have completed MNQF Level 5 Diploma in Pharmacy, you will be admitted to the 3rd year of this programme and the duration of the diploma should be 2 years.

Students who have completed MNQF Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Pharmacy will be eligible to enter the 4th year of this programme and the duration of the Advanced Diploma should be 3 years.

Students will also complete an internship programme abroad during the program to gain experience. This also includes an experiential visit to a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant recognized by WHO to gain experience with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Quality and Standards in the final year of the programme.

This programme is scheduled in a way that allows students to attend classes while also attending a job. The deadline for applications is 16 September 2023 ( Saturday). This programme is approved by the Maldives Qualification Authority and the Allied Health Council. More information about the programme will be available on the Villa College website.

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