Extracurricular Activities

As a student at Villa College, you have access to a wide range of co-curricular activities that are designed to enhance your educational experience. These activities include programs that are linked to the academic content of your program, volunteer work, internship opportunities, and participation in events organized by Villa College Students Associations, Student-led Clubs, and Societies.

Participating in co-curricular activities can help you develop important skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication, all of which are highly valued by employers. Additionally, co-curricular activities can provide opportunities to improve your physical and mental health, and to cultivate a sense of social responsibility through volunteering activities.

By participating in co-curricular activities, you can also build your resume and expand your professional network. Employers often look for candidates who have demonstrated leadership, teamwork, and community involvement, all of which can be showcased through your participation in co-curricular activities.

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the educational experience at Villa College. They provide valuable opportunities for skill development, personal growth, and community involvement that will serve you well throughout your academic and professional career.


Student led activities

Villa College offers student-led organizations that provide diverse opportunities for students to engage with their peers and the wider community. These associations, clubs, and societies offer students the chance to develop new skills and enhance their personal and professional growth. The Villa College Student Association is responsible for organizing various events and activities throughout the year, including sports tournaments, community activities, and celebrations for all students. In addition, the Law Society provides law students with a platform to engage in academic and social activities, including guest lectures, moot court competitions, and community service projects. Through this organization, students gain a better understanding of the legal profession and are prepared for future careers in the field. Likewise, the Psychology Association provides opportunities for students interested in psychology to engage in academic and social activities. Workshops, seminars, awareness events, and guest lectures are just some of the many activities that are organized to explore the various aspects of psychology



The Spectrum is an annual art and design exhibition presented by the Creative Arts and Design program at Villa College. The exhibition showcases a diverse range of art and design pieces submitted by students as part of their respective modules. The word 'Spectrum' is inspired by the wavelength of light and color, reflecting the diverse range of designs and styles featured in the exhibition. The pieces on display offer a glimpse into the creative talents of our students and demonstrate the knowledge and joy they gained from designing and completing their tasks.


Street Law

Law school-based practical legal education programs—commonly referred to as “Street Law” programs—are innovative programs in which law students teach non lawyers about law, the legal system, and the fundamental principles of democracy in more than 45 countries. Under street law the law students trained in interactive teaching pedagogy by law academicians and practitioners teach, train and spread awareness through field operations to the high school students, underprivileged class of society, and the non-law masses basic information, skills regarding their rights, remedies and duties towards the society with attitudes they need to thrive as active members of the society.


Pro Bono Legal Clinic

Considering the importance of activities, which can enhance student learning through more extensive practical application of theories to real-life situations, a number of teaching methods that could foster this have to be included in our teaching pedagogies. One of the best methods touted by Villa College, Faculty of Shariah and Law (FSL) is the provision of opportunities to learn practical skills through legal clinics while providing Pro Bono legal aid to the needy. This method of teaching seeks to complement traditional teaching through opening up the opportunity for students to learn through involvement in real cases and to learn through practical participation. A legal clinical approach will facilitate and provide opportunities for students to apply legal theories they learn, under the guidance of qualified academics & professionals, launching a legal clinic managed by the faculty, with support from practicing lawyers.


Mooting, Trial Advocacy and Arbitration Club (MTAC)

The Mooting, Trial Advocacy and Arbitration Club is a student-run interinstitutional elected student club dedicated to develop the essential lawyering skills through experiential learning platforms like Moot competitions, Mock Trials and Arbitration competitions and workshops which are needed to strengthen oratorical and research skills required for any law profession, pursuing the same moto the Faculty of Shariah and Law conducts several workshops, International mooting and arbitration competitions under the MTAC club. As a result of which many of Villa College, Faculty of Shariah and Law (FSL) teams get the opportunity to garnish their litigation skills by being part of varying prestigious competitions.