Naifaru Campus

Villa College Naifaru Campus (VCNC) is in the 6th most populous island in the Maldives. Naifaru
is home to more than 5,000 residents (as of August 2022) as well as a hub to citizens of nearby
islands for various services and facilities, which makes it an ideal location for a higher education
institution. VCNC was established on 13th May 2013 as the first institutional campus on
Naifaru. VCNC started with a total of 39 students – 23 male students and 16 female students –
enrolled in various programmes at different levels including master’s/postgraduate
programmes, and degree and diploma programmes. Since it’s commencement, the campus has
enrolled more than 600 students who have completed different levels of higher education

Campus Manager

Nasrulla Mohamed



  • Phone: 7975931
  • Email:

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