Happy Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher's Day!

As the theme for teachers’ day this year states ‘Teachers’ at the heart of recovery’ – we are still in recovery. Recovery from a pandemic that made the world stand still. All day-to-day activities and life as we know came to a halt. On this day I would like to emphasise on the importance and role that teachers have played in the process of recovery so far. How do we proceed from here is the question?

Teachers need to focus more on the health and mental wellbeing of the students. To be able to do this, firstly, teachers need to be more observant. Read and learn about ways of finding out and helping those in need. Look for signs of distress and despair. If you see any signs, approach the students, as we have students who have gone through different experiences during this pandemic. The least we can do is lend an ear.

Another thing we need to keep in mind is that, even though regular classes have started, there are still children in home quarantine. Don’t forget about them when you prepare the lessons. Prepare for both online and face-to-face classes, so that you can always assist those who are not able to attend the face-to-face classes. Teachers also need to keep in consideration those who are not well or being treated for COVID or any other illness in giving lessons and conducting assessments.

Having said what teachers need to focus on, how do we make sure that teachers are able to do this? The answer is cooperation and collaboration. We need cooperation from other teachers, school management, parents, and students. We can all try to be considerate of each other’s needs. Another way in which we can make life things less complicated is by collaborating. Collaborate in caring for students, collaborate in preparation for the lesson, collaborate in conducting assessments. Collaborate to recover.

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