Aharenge Vaahaka by Ahmed Anaan Shahid

Aharenge Vaahaka by Ahmed Anaan Shahid

Hey there, I am Anaan Shahid, and I have been on quite the journey as a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours) at Villa College. You see, I'm part of the first-ever batch of engineering students at this institution, and I'd love to take you through my story here.

I chose to embark on this educational adventure with Villa College because I truly believed in their ability to deliver quality engineering degree programs. But what really struck a chord with me was the opportunity to study engineering in my own country, right alongside my family and loved ones. At first, I could not help but wonder if Villa College was fully prepared for an engineering degree program, but I could not have been more wrong.

Villa College was nothing short of impressive. They had fully equipped Engineering Labs with all the equipment I would need throughout my four-year journey. From Electrical and Electronic labs to Mechanical labs and even hydraulic labs, they had it all. The investment made in the program, from the top-notch equipment to cutting-edge simulation software, was truly remarkable.

What sets Villa College apart, though, is not just the facilities but also the quality of the educators. The professors are exceptional, and the atmosphere on campus is incredibly welcoming. Green spaces and study areas make it a place where you can study, relax, and grow.

If I had to rate Villa College, I'd give it a perfect 10 out of 10 for the facilities it offers to students, especially us engineering enthusiasts. The labs, equipment, tools, software, and the vast online library—they are all fascinating. Engineering learning kits and simulation software have been essential resources for our learning journey.

But it is not just about the academic environment. Villa College has fueled my passion for knowledge and creativity. I have had the chance to participate in national and international events and conferences, and these experiences have been truly impactful. The Maldives Space Research Conference, for instance, was mind-blowing, with loads of thought-provoking information. Presenting our research at international conferences was incredibly exciting.

To any prospective engineering students out there, I would say Villa College is the place to be. Do not stop at what you learn in class. Take the extra step to delve into the topics and modules you are going to study. Before I wrap up, I must commend the close-knit relationship between students, staff, and lecturers at Villa College. It is truly commendable.

In a nutshell, Villa College has the potential to shape the future of engineers, and I encourage you to consider it as your path to transformation. This is my story, and I hope it helps you see the incredible opportunities, resources, and supportive community that Villa College offers

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