Solar Energy Project

Consequently, exploring the potential of renewable energy has been an important component of Villa College’s strategic direction. The importance of renewable energy sources in the transition to a sustainable energy base was recognized in early 2014.

The Solar Energy Project aimed to reduce CO2 emission by introducing a 186.7 KW grid-connected solar photo-voltaic (PV) system (the system has been upgraded to 225KW) on the roof top buildings at Villa College/Villa International High School owned by Villa Educational Services Private Limited. The project has been made a reality with the support from the government of Japan, partially supported by the Ministry of Environment, Japan, through the financing programme for JCM Model Projects, which provided the financial support to cover a portion of the initial investment for the project in order to acquire JCM credits.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission and greenhouse
gas emission through implementing the project. It is also intended to lead to a more sustainable,
efficient, and effective energy utilization in Villa College.

Through solar Energy Project we are able to save more than 51.5% of our electricity consumption.