Energy Conservation Programme

Villa College has always been steadfast in identifying ways in which resources could be utilised efficiently to the maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations. It is one of the strategic targets in the Strategic Plan 2017-2022 of Villa College to “emphasize financially and environmentally sustainable practices in campus operation and development”.

Several activities and practices are carried out under the energy conservation programme. These include our Solar Energy Project, and practices like ensuring all the computer systems shut down after office hours, changing air conditioners from split to VRV centralized energy saving equipment, combining the lighting system of the college with the LED energy saving lights, replacing projectors which consume high electricity with LED 65inch TVs, installing 25ftX12ft LED TV systems in VC hall, sleep mode is activated for LED TVs inside classrooms and meeting rooms, and sensors and automatic timers are fitted in corridors and outdoors as to minimise energy wasted when not in use.

Our college’s new buildings are built to maximise natural sunlight to corridors and classrooms, window blinds are installed in all classrooms and where required UV Stickers are used to minimize heat in classrooms.

Teaching in atoll campuses are conducted ensuring sessions are taken at proper intervals and lecturers are combined, as to take one taxi or few taxis or where necessary hire one speed boat where all travel at once, so as to reduce per head energy consumption.

As our conservation and sustainability measures will only be successful when everyone is aware an onboard, we also conduct awareness sessions for students and staff on efficient use of energy and ways to contribute to energy conservation and a sustainable environment.