Introduction of Villa College Scholarship Scheme

The Villa College Scholarship Scheme was introduced today at a ceremony held at the Q.I. Campus. The scholarships were introduced to enable the selected students to study in any of the academic programmes at Villa College.

The VC Scholarship Scheme was introduced by the Rector, Dr Ahmed Anwar. The scholarships are offered in the following 4 categories.


  1. Villa College Community Engagement Scholarships

These scholarships are available in the areas where the larger campuses of Villa College are located.


  1. Villa College Open Scholarships

There are a total of three scholarships offered in this category: one scholarship each at Foundation, Degree and Masters levels. Any Maldivian who meets the entry requirements is eligible to apply for these scholarships. The selection will be based on academic merit.


  1. Villa College / Villa International High School Scholarships

Each year, the two scholarships in this category will be available to two students who do their A levels at Villa International High School. The selection for this category of scholarships will be based on students’ achievements in the A level examinations.

These scholarships are open to those who have completed the A level examinations within the 2 years prior to the application.


  1. Villa College Alumni Scholarships

These scholarships are offered to students who have finished their studies at Villa College. There is one opportunity at Degree level and one at Masters level.

The selection will be based on academic merit, and eligibility is limited to Villa College alumni.

Click the links below to download the application & guideline.

 - Application Form
 - Guideline

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