LLM Commercial Law

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LLM Commercial Law

LLM Commercial Law

Course Fee

MVR 6,199 per month x 15 months

Awarding Body
The University of the West of England
January / May / September
1 Year
Level 9

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This Law Postgraduate Programme seeks to extend and develop students’ understanding of the law relating to the core aspects of commercial law including contract law, dispute settlement, competition, corporate governance, aspects of international banking and finance, intellectual property and employment. The course aims to provide opportunities for students to gain an understanding of a range of global issues affecting commercial law and practice and to gain knowledge, understanding and the requisite skills in preparation for employment in commercial legal practice and commercial organisations both in the UK and abroad.

General Entry Criteria

  • A related Bachelor’s Degree OR

  • A related Graduate Diploma at Level 8

If the relevant first degree or postgraduate diploma completed is in a medium other than English, applicants are required to have a C grade in O Level English or obtain pass grade in an equivalent exam.

Alternative Criteria

  • 25 years old, completion of a related Level 5 qualification, and 7 years of relevant experience (of which 3.5 years of experience is obtained after completion of a Level 5 qualification), and completion of an MQA-approved Pre-Master’s Program. OR

  • 25 years old, completion of a related Level 6 qualification, and 6 years of relevant experience (of which 3 years of experience is obtained after completion of a Level 6 qualification), and completion of an MQA-approved Pre-Master’s Program.

Core Modules

  1. International Contracts

  2. Foundations for Research

  3. Research Methods

  4. International Law and Institutions

  5. International Banking and Finance Law

  6. International Intellectual Property Law

  7. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

  8. Globalisation and the Law

*Award Postgraduate Certificate in Commercial Law (60 credits from any module)

*Award Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial Law (120 credits from any module)

  1. Dissertation

*Award LLM Commercial Law

Course fee: MVR 6,199 per month x 15 months

Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will be able to gain

  1. Knowledge and understanding of

  • Complex and specialised areas of commercial law and practice, often working at the current limits of understanding

  • The customs and practice of International Commercial Law

  • Global, regional and national regulation of international commercial law

  • Research approaches and techniques used in the analysis of commercial legal issues drawing on the main research traditions in law

  • Pervasive issues including sustainability, global citizenship, diversity and employability

  1. Intellectual Skills

  • Ability to deal with complex and specialised legal norms and to explore the current limits of legal knowledge in commercial law;

  • Ability to critically analyse, at the appropriate postgraduate level, rules of law and to apply them to complex and developing factual situations;

  • Ability to analyse and synthesise abstract concepts and theories;

  • Ability to create responses to problems that redefine existing knowledge and/or develop new approaches to particular problems;

  • Ability to independently evaluate complex legal issues and to suggest alternatives;

  • Ability to present a structured argument at both abstract and concrete levels;

  • Ability to conceptualise and integrate complex ideas and arguments from multiple sources and perspectives

  1. Subject/Professional/Practical Skills

  • Ability to plan and undertake effective research on complex and specialised legal issues;

  • Ability to use information and knowledge effectively;

  • Ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral form;

  • Ability to articulate ideas, develop arguments and engage in debates orally, through presentations and group discussions and in written work;

  • Ability to recognise and address ethical dilemmas and corporate social responsibility issues;

  • Ability to use relevant ICT effectively;

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team, to listen and respond to contributions in group processes and to negotiate and persuade others.

  1. Transferable skills and other attributes

  • Ability to work autonomously with a self-awareness of key research and analytical issues to be dealt with in any particular piece of work;

  • Ability to plan strategies for effective research and analysis:

  • Ability to think analytically and reflexively about complex material and to present arguments and information coherently and at a level consistent with postgraduate study;

  • An awareness of ethical issues

  • Independent learning and reflective practice required for effective performance in future work roles.

  • Time management


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LLM Commercial Law

What our students say

Covid-19 struck when we were about to start our 2nd year in the program. We are the first batch to have completed most of the program virtually. Initially, I was uncertain that the best outcome would be achieved through such a learning experience. Nevertheless, Villa College ensured that it can be, by properly facilitating and enabling that the best arrangements were in place to assist the student's learning experience. With Villa College, whether it’s a classroom or a virtual experience, you feel no limitation to studying the subject of law, as Villa College is fully equipped to deliver the content in any mode of learning; whereby, the lecturers are experienced, qualified and capable of delivering the lessons in a manner that is easy for students to grasp. As such, my experience was fulfilling, and I am convinced that the outcome shall be fruitful as well.

Thank you, Villa College, for making the journey progress smoothly even with a significant transition amidst the program.

Mizna Waheedh - LLB (Hons)

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