Dress Code

The following is regarded as appropriate attire for attending Villa College:

Male students

  • Shirts, T-Shirts with collars, pants, neat jeans
  • Shirts should be buttoned up appropriately
  • Shirts and T-shirts should reach below navel and cover the midriff
  • Shirts/T shirts should have sleeves

Female students

  • Appropriate clothing for an education institute (dress, tunics, tops, pants and jeans)
  • Tops and dresses should not be transparent
  • Clothing should cover the midriff (cover waist and buttocks)
  • Clothing should have decent necklines
  • Skirts and pants should reach below the knees
  • Dress, tunics and tops should have sleeves
T-shirts with inappropriate languages or graphics are NOT allowed. Inappropriate jewellery is NOT allowed.

Admission Open

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