OUM - VC Convocation 2019!

The Open University Malaysia (OUM) and Villa College (VC) Convocation 2019 was held on 20th April 2019. This was the last convocation for the OUM students. The event was held in the Villa College QI Campus.

The ceremony was held in three separate sessions where first of which was the OUM Convocation, followed by two sessions of the VC Convocation Ceremony. The OUM Convocation Ceremony was attended by the Vice Chancellor of the Open University Malaysia, Prof Dato’ Dr. Mansor Fadzil. He addressed the graduates as well, highlighting that there are more than 1800 alumni students of OUM from the Maldives.

Vice Rector of Villa College, Dr. Ali Najeeb welcomed the graduates in the VC Convocation sessions, emphasizing on the fact that 30% of the graduates were from Villa College campuses and learning centers from all over the country. Moreover, Dr. Najeeb highlighted that 51% of the graduates are women, thus shows the gender equal nature of opportunities in Villa College.

Rector of Villa College, Dr. Ahmed Anwar conferred the VC Convocation 2019.

77 students graduated from the OUM Convocation, while 232 students graduated from the VC Convocation.

The latest group of students from our campuses across the nation stepped out as

professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle the different working

conditions in diverse working environments.

This was an event eagerly anticipated by all students and staff of Villa College.


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