First Staff Meeting of 2019


The first staff meeting of 2019 was held on 06th March 2019 in the college hall.

The meeting was attended by all VC staff and some guests. One of the most standout items was the speech by the Principal of Ghiyasuddin International School, Mr. Thoha Saleem on the topic “Character: The ultimate secret to success”. It was an engaging and inspirational speech which was enjoyed by the staff.

The meeting also saw the introduction of new staff. The tradition of the introduction of all the new staff continued as 20 new staff members introduced themselves.

Villa College achieved the global pass rate in the December 2018 ACCA examinations. Hence, a letter of appreciation was awarded to 2 ACCA lecturers, Mohamed Haleem and Ahmed Salim, for their contributions in this great achievement.

The announcement of the winners of the International Mother Tongue Day 2019 competition held between 21st February to 28th February 2019 was also made in the staff meeting. Winners from 4 categories were announced, and were awarded prizes accordingly.

The most applauded item in the agenda was the distribution of certificates to the Villa College men’s and women’s futsal teams. Notably, the women’s team dispatched VSTC by a large goal difference in the final of the tournament to win the ultimate prize, which was displayed in the hall throughout the meeting. Congratulations, VC Women’s futsal team!

Moreover, the staff newsletter (issue number 05) was released by the Vice Rector, Dr. Ali Najeeb. The newsletter has now been rebranded as Villa College Bits and Bytes. In addition, the Villa College mascot was introduced for the first time, and feedback on what changes needed to be made to the proposed version was given. This was followed by the presentation of the new programmes of the college and the sharing of new policies.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the speech by the Rector, Dr. Ahmed Anwar. He stressed the importance of team work and doing one’s best in everything. His speech was aimed exclusively at the upcoming convocation: the Rector emphasized the importance of giving everything everyone has to offer in order to make it a successful event.

Every staff meeting is an important step towards cohesive interaction among the staff. It can shape the corporate ethos and lead to ultimate success.

Staff Meeting 06.03.19




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