Congratulations to our staff moving up the ladder!

Promotions were given to some of our staff on 17th September 2019 in our 3rd staff meeting of 2019. Department heads were selected for the newly established Center for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) and the Center for Open and Distance Learning (CODL). Moreover, 2 of our staff were promoted to Dean and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies. Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi was named Dean, Center for Postgraduate Studies (CPS), while Mr. Margret Vijay was named as Director, Center for Center for Open and Distance Learning (CODL). Furthermore, Mr. Abdul Sattar Gasim was promoted to Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies and Ms. Fathimath Saeed was promoted to Associate Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies.


Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi - Dean, Center for Postgraduate Studies (CPS)

Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi has worked in the educational sector for over 20years. Dr. Didi began his educational career in 1981 as an Atoll School Headmaster and thereafter worked in the Ministry of Education in various capacities.  In addition to these, he also headed the Maldives Accreditation Board (currently, Maldives Qualification Authority) from 2001 – 2002, and the Center for Continuing Education from 2008 - 2009, too, under the Ministry of Education.  

Dr. Didi completed his Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision at Syracuse University, USA in 1993 and obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Planning and Management in Small States from Malta University in 1997. He did his PhD from Massey University in New Zealand, in 2008, in the area of school improvement and how this is linked to leadership, change management and school culture.  

Currently, Dr. Didi is the Dean of the Centre for Post-Graduate Studies and he takes a keen interest in teaching and supervising research both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. 


Mr. Abdul Sattar Gasim - Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies (FES)

Mr. Abdul Sattar Gasim is an enthusiastic person with strong academic and teaching background possessing substantial experience in managing and maintaining high standard in the academic programs. He has been working for more than 10 years in the field of education, fostering students’ critical thinking skills leading to significantly improved performance. Mr. Sattar has solid experience in managing academic research and have excellent skills in managing and leading staff and students to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Mr. Abdul Sattar Gasim is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies.


Ms. Fathimath Saeed - Associate Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies (FES)

Ms. Fathimath Saeed is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Educational Studies, Villa College. She has been working with academic curricular since 2004, first as a Secondary Teacher, Leading Teacher and then as a Principal before joining the Faculty of Educational Studies in 2015. Her research interest includes teacher education and professional development, with a particular focus on self-study methodology and the role of reflective practice in developing professional knowledge about, and for, teaching and teaching future teachers.

Ms. Fathimath Saeed is currently the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies.


Mr. Margret Vijay - Director, Center for Open and Distance Learning (CODL)

Mr. Margret Vijay is a proficient educator with passion and desire to transform education through innovative teaching pedagogies. He is an enduring learner who tries to broaden his horizon of knowledge in all aspects of teaching and technology. Mr. Vijay is a renowned dynamic collaborator who is always willing to take challenges to open doors for new possibilities. 

Mr. Margret Vijay is currently the Director of the Center for Open Distance Learning.  


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