VC PAL Programme – An effective learning method

The Villa College Peer Assisted Learning programme (VC PAL) is a programme designed for students to formally engage in a peer assisted learning environment. This will benefit both the student leaders and the students in the PAL groups. Most alumni of the college state that studying is made much easier when it is carried out with their peers. Usually, the first alumni advice to all the new students is to find an effective group of peers and engage in group studies.

The VC PAL programme is intended for students to gain a better understanding of what is anticipated of you as a Villa College student. The selected peer leaders (PAL Leaders) will be students who have already scored high marks in the particular modules, who will usually be studying from the same programme, in the academic years above the students. This will enable the students who participate in this programme to gain a better understanding of the expectations in VC, especially with regard to assessment expectations and standards, and to clarify doubts about the module content. Moreover, this programme can help students to settle into college life more quickly and easily. With the understanding of the expectations in VC, the students will also be able to gain a deeper understanding of module contents and expectations. This programme is set to create a friendly and relaxed environment in which the students are given opportunities to ask questions about the course materials and college life, and to explore ideas and concepts in more depth and develop their study skills.

VC PAL programme was launched on 10th September 2019 and is introduced for 2 modules in the ongoing September 2019 semester. The modules are Understanding Business and Financial Information and Fundamentals of Accounting 2.



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