Application for the May 2019 Intake is now open!

Villa College is now open for application for the May 2019 Intake.


The new intake offers the opportunity to join 102 different courses from Certificate level 1 to Master’s Degree programmes in different fields, including Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Management, Teaching, Education, Sharia, Law, Islam, Quran, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Public Health, Nursing, ACCA, Research, and Marine Studies.


Among these, there are 13 Master’s programmes, 6 Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate programmes, 21 Degree programmes, 20 Diploma programmes, 13 Certificate level 4 (Degree Foundation) programmes, 13 Certificate level 3 programmes, 2 Certificate level 2 programmes and 1 Certificate level 1 programme, as well as 8 programmes in Marine Studies.


In addition to Villa College’s own programmes, these include Master’s and Degree programmes from the prestigious university of the UK, University of the West of England.


Besides the opportunities to study at the QI campus in Male’, the same opportunities are available at Villa College Hithadhoo campus, Villa College Naifaru campus, Villa College Addu campus, Villa College Kulhudhuffushi campus, Villa College Lakeside campus (Sh. Fonadhoo), Villa College L. Gan Campus and in Villa College Mahibadhoo campus. Programmes are planned to commence in islands with Villa College learning centres as well, namely: HA. Hoarafhushi, R. Alifushi, R. Maakurath, B. Eydhafushi, AA. Ukulhas, ADh. Maamigili, Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, Th. Guraidhoo, GA. Villingilli, and GDh. Gadhdhoo. Villa College is planning to start programmes in other islands as well.


Application deadline for the upcoming May 2019 intake is 11th April 2019. Studies are set to commence within two weeks of the month of May.


Students will be able to make payments easily in monthly instalment basis, which is being practiced since September 2017. In addition, the students have the opportunity to study all the Degree Programs offered in Villa College, through the Free First Degree Scheme by the government.


Kindly find attached a list of the commencing courses and their corresponding campuses for the May 2019 semester with this press release. 


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