Past Events & Activities

Villa College Gan Campus officially inaugurated

Villa College Gan Campus has been officially inaugurated on Monday, 29th July 2019. The campus was officially inaugurated in an auspicious ceremony by the Rector of Villa College, Dr. Ahmed Anwar. Rector, Dr. Ahmed Anwar expressed his hope that the students in Laamu Atoll will make ample use of this opportunity to continue their higher studies in their home atoll, in his address. Moreover, the manager of the Villa College Gan Campus, Mr. Thoha Abubakur stressed the importance of students making use this opportunity to study from different fields while staying in their islands or atoll. Villa College Gan Campus is already home to some VC programmes of different fields and Mr. Thoha indicated that he hopes the students will make full use of this prospect. With the official inauguration of the Villa College Gan Campus, there are 7 Campuses and 16 Learning Centres throughout the atolls in Maldives.

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ICSRI 2019 comes to an end

The 4th International Conference for Social Research and Innovation, ICSRI 2019 has ended. 

The closing keynote address was given by Dr. Arvind Mathur, WHO Representative to the Republic of Maldives on the topic "Taking the bull by the horn: #BeatNCDs". Dr. Arvind Manthur stressed the importance of facing challenges head on and achieving your targets in an engaging address. 

Certificates were given to the participants, moderators and evaluators. Moreover, the immense contributions of the endorsers, sponsors and the partners were commended by the awarding of certificates. Furthermore, certificates were given to the Best Papers of ICSRI 2019.

Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi addressed the gathering on behalf of the Evaluation Panel. Dr. Ahmed Shahd, Dean of Research, Institute of Research and Innovation delivered a passionate closing remarks, stating the importance, quality and academic excellence displayed through the conference.

The conference was held on two days, 17th and 18th July 2019, in the Villa College, QI Campus.


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International Conference for Social Research & Innovation (ICSRI) 2019 begins

The 4th International Conference for Social Research and Innovation, ICSRI 2019 has begun. This years’ conference was inaugurated with the opening ceremony held today in the Villa College Hall.

The Rector of Villa College, Dr. Ahmed Anwar stressed the importance of research and how research can help to initiate and drive further inquiry and creative solutions, in his welcoming remarks.

2 keynote speakers, Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Seychelles, Dr. Justin Davis Valentin delivered their keynote speeches in the ceremony. Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan focused his keynote address on environmental challenges faced by island nations like the Maldives and ways to overcome them. Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Seychelles focused his address on the topic “Making educational reforms in small systems relevant for the implementers: A case study from Seychelles”.

The International Journal for Social Research and Innovation (IJSRI) Vol 3, Issue 1 and the "Qualitative Research Handbook" authored by the Dean Research, Institute of Research and Innovation, Dr. Ahmed Shahid was released by our Rector, Dr. Ahmed Anwar in this ceremony as well.

The conference is held on two days, 17th and 18th July 2019, in the Villa College, QI Campus.

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VC meets with JCM

Villa College Executives met with a delegation from Joint-Credits Mechanism (JCM) on 11th July 2019, Thursday. The meeting was held to commemorate the successful completion of the installation of solar panels and its operations in the QI Campus of Villa College. Moreover, further ways for collaboration between VC and JCM were discussed in this meeting.

It is a historical day for Villa College, as we received credits from JCM for the completion of the sustainable energy project which was collaborated by JCM. Villa College is the first Maldivian institution to do so as well. One of the main goals of Villa College is sustainability. VC took a huge leap towards attaining this goal by using solar energy in the operation of the entire QI Campus. With immense help from JCM, Villa College is proudly self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

The completion of this project is also a huge step forward in the project of Villa College going green. It is estimated that 216 tCO2 is reduced per year, through the 186 KwH PV Solar System, which is installed in the college. As per JCM, Villa College has avoided approximately 190 Tonnes of Carbon dioxide until 22 February 2019. VC also negotiated with STELCO and became the first in the country to conclude a successful net metering agreement to benefit from solar power use.

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VC Executives visit Malaysia

Villa College Executive delegation visited Kuala Lampur, Malaysia between 25th to 29th June 2019. The delegation consisted of Vice Rector, Dr. Ali Najeeb, Deputy Vice Rector, Dr. Mohamed Adil and Deputy Vice rector, Abdul Munnim Mohamed Manik.

The delegation met with the Open University Malaysia (OUM) executives and discussed about the OUM learning management system and their virtual system. Moreover, the delegation visited the Centre for Instructional Design and observed how the curriculum and materials are produced.

The Villa College Executive delegation also met with Professor Ramly and his team, who presented how planning and budgeting takes place in OUM, while also presenting the key aspects of MIS. Furthermore, discussions were held with the Vice Chancellor and the Academic Advisor of Meritus University produced a range of issues including collaborative arrangements to be made in different disciplines and business areas. The VC delegation also met with the Vice Chancellor of Manipal International University.

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