Past Events & Activities

VC Executives visit Malaysia

Villa College Executive delegation visited Kuala Lampur, Malaysia between 25th to 29th June 2019. The delegation consisted of Vice Rector, Dr. Ali Najeeb, Deputy Vice Rector, Dr. Mohamed Adil and Deputy Vice rector, Abdul Munnim Mohamed Manik.

The delegation met with the Open University Malaysia (OUM) executives and discussed about the OUM learning management system and their virtual system. Moreover, the delegation visited the Centre for Instructional Design and observed how the curriculum and materials are produced.

The Villa College Executive delegation also met with Professor Ramly and his team, who presented how planning and budgeting takes place in OUM, while also presenting the key aspects of MIS. Furthermore, discussions were held with the Vice Chancellor and the Academic Advisor of Meritus University produced a range of issues including collaborative arrangements to be made in different disciplines and business areas. The VC delegation also met with the Vice Chancellor of Manipal International University.

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Campus Managers Forum 2019 commences

The 3rd Campus Managers Forum commenced today. This forum is set to go on for 3 days, in the QI Campus. This forum is held annually, discussing different aspects of quality assurance and issues in operation of all campuses of Villa College. This forum is a focal point for discussions between campus managers, faculties and senior management of the college regarding different issues campuses face in their operations.

The Campus Managers Forum has proven to be fruitful in the previous events, as a vast majority of the discussed points being implemented further. This year’s edition promises to be even more prolific with the newest campuses also joining for this forum.

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Graduation of Discover Hospitality Programme 2019

Graduation ceremony for the Discover Hospitality programme was held on 27th June 2019, Thursday. The ceremony was held in Hotel Jen. Rector of Villa College, Dr. Ahmed Anwar addressed the attendees and mentioned that Villa College always gives a special importance to these skill-based prorgammes and aims to provide more such opportunities for interested candidates. Moreover, the Chief guest of this auspicious occasion, the Vice President of Maldives, Mr. Faisal Naseem stressed the importance of these programmes for our country.

Discover Hospitality is a programme inaugurated by the Universal Foundation as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. This programme aims for the development and provision of opportunities for candidates interested in the field of tourism and hospitality. While 15 students and 22 students completed this programme in 2017 and 2018 respectively, 34 students have been enrolled for 2019. This shows the increasing support for this programme throughout the years.

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Villa College signs a MoU with ADK Hospital

This MoU was signed between Villa College and ADK Hospital who agreed to create a platform to provide clinical education to the Villa College students enrolled in Nursing and health related programmes.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Ahmed Anwar, Rector of Villa College and Mr. Ahmed Afaal, Managing Director of ADK Company Pvt. Ltd.

This agreement will create opportunities for students of Villa College to gain further knowledge and valuable experience in their respective fields.

It also covers the roles and responsibilities of both parties that will form the basis of any joint activities that are to be undertaken as part of this collaboration.

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OUM - VC Convocation 2019!

The Open University Malaysia (OUM) and Villa College (VC) Convocation 2019 was held on 20th April 2019. This was the last convocation for the OUM students. The event was held in the Villa College QI Campus.

The ceremony was held in three separate sessions where first of which was the OUM Convocation, followed by two sessions of the VC Convocation Ceremony. The OUM Convocation Ceremony was attended by the Vice Chancellor of the Open University Malaysia, Prof Dato’ Dr. Mansor Fadzil. He addressed the graduates as well, highlighting that there are more than 1800 alumni students of OUM from the Maldives.

Vice Rector of Villa College, Dr. Ali Najeeb welcomed the graduates in the VC Convocation sessions, emphasizing on the fact that 30% of the graduates were from Villa College campuses and learning centers from all over the country. Moreover, Dr. Najeeb highlighted that 51% of the graduates are women, thus shows the gender equal nature of opportunities in Villa College.

Rector of Villa College, Dr. Ahmed Anwar conferred the VC Convocation 2019.

77 students graduated from the OUM Convocation, while 232 students graduated from the VC Convocation.

The latest group of students from our campuses across the nation stepped out as

professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle the different working

conditions in diverse working environments.

This was an event eagerly anticipated by all students and staff of Villa College.


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