Faculty of Shariah and Law (FSL)


The predecessor to the Faculty of Shariah and Law, Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies was established in …...with a vision to excel and lead in teaching shariah and Islamic Studies. Though we started out with a modest number of …. students in …., by 2016 our students in different programs numbered in excess of 300 students and the faculty was renamed Faculty of Shariah and Law to reflect the new vision of the faculty, of educating students in shariah and legal disciplines.

Since our establishment, we have offered a flexible curriculum, geared towards student needs, and in keeping with our vision of providing a caring and conducive environment for students to excel in their chosen academic programmes.

Graduate Quality

The Faculty of Shariah and Law is currently a robust and thriving faculty, supported by academic staff who are leaders in their area of expertise. Our aim is to expand the number of programmes available to students so as to provide students, a diversity of programs to choose from to suit their needs, whilst ensuring quality of programs are maintained.

Our programmes are designed so as to create lawyers and Shariah experts who are equipped with, problem solving and analytical skills to contribute to our society.

Programmes and learning opportunities

The faculty offers students, bespoke programs in Shariah and Law covering a multitude of disciplines. In addition to our local programmes, the faculty in collaboration with the University of the West of England offers Undergraduate law degree programmes. Our faculty is committed to provide students with different learning opportunities towards which end, in addition to the classroom experience, students are required to engage in interaction with the legal community and the judiciary through courtroom placements.


Our faculty members are highly qualified and educated professionals who are leaders in their field of expertise. They are committed to provide students support and guidance in their chosen academic career path.

Message for potential students

Our faculty is committed to assist you in cultivating the required skill sets needed to become a shariah expert or lawyer. We are here to provide you with the necessary support and guidance in making you realize your dreams.

What Students Say About Us