Faculty of Marine Studies (FMS)


The Maldives is a seafaring country and the majority of Maldivians work in the marine environment, in the tourism and diving / water sports industries. Although Maldivians have the potential to excel in these fields, many were unable to do so due to lack of funds or other social barriers. As a result, these industries employ a large number of foreign personnel at high-level positions.

The Faculty of Marine Studies, then called Villa Centre for Watersports & Hospitality, was formally registered on 28 January 2007 with the mission to correct this imbalance by providing affordable opportunities for Maldivians to train for employment in the tourism sector as marine conservation, diving, water sports or lifesaving sector professionals.

Programs and learning opportunities

We conduct internationally recognised Diving (PADI), Emergency First Response (EFR), Water Sports (VDWS) & Life Saving (SLSA) programs. We constantly seek to provide better learning opportunities for Maldivians, relevant to their living & working environment. We ensure access to our training programs for those with physical & learning difficulties.

Since 2016, we have extending our programs to students in the Ministry of Education’s Dhasvaaru program. Our hope is to provide these students with the training and the opportunity to succeed in their chosen careers and become valued members of society.

Our unique Certificate 3 and Advanced Certificate in Marine Science programs aim to develop environmental awareness among Maldivians and inspire the pursuit of studies in marine science beyond the confines of the classroom.

Certificate III in Aquatic Recreation

Dive Master Training Program

VDWS Water Sports

Surf Life Saving Australia

Emergency First Response


Our staff consist of the leading Instructor Trainers in the Maldives, including two of the three Maldivian Course Directors. They are some of the most active advocates for marine conservation and protection, and this passion is passed on to our students.

Our Faculty operations set the Training Standards and role model the Best Practices for the dive & water sports industry in the Maldives.

Our message for potential students

Our programs will help you develop a professional, scientific approach to environmental conservation and management, to become Ocean Warriors.

Being Ocean Warriors ourselves, it is our mission to inspire YOU - the next generation of Ocean Warriors, to become actively engaged in research and conservation efforts to sustainably utilize and effectively protect our Marine Nation

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