Faculty of Business Management (FBM)


Faculty of Business Management (FBM) is the largest faculty at Villa College, providing a wide range of programmes in business and management disciplines at both undergraduate and masters levels. Our strategic orientation is to provide our students the best quality education in the fields of business and management, and to be the agent of change that will make a significant impact on our students’ future academic and career opportunities. The faculty strives to remain as the key player of the college in terms of the number of students, programmes offered and most importantly, of the quality of services provided for our students.

We are consistently working on improving our facilities, teaching-learning standards and procedures as well as the capacity of staff members to ensure that student experience is enhanced at every level. We also continuously endeavor to develop and introduce new programmes and courses to cater for the needs and demands of our students and the industry. Every effort is also placed to enrich student experience and to create opportunities for our students to apply their knowledge and build a great career path, with a business qualification from Villa College.

Graduate Quality – a match for the future

We focus on building a future for our students which is aligned with the changing environments of entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, innovation and business. Our teaching programmes are designed to combine creative, innovative and critical thinking on real world issues, and equip our students with the necessary tools indispensable to attain deeper insights into business problems and practical solutions.

Through the use of modern teaching methods such as business simulations, group projects and case studies, our graduates will be able to use independent thinking and critical analysis on business, leadership and management scenarios by applying advanced theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills. Our graduates will be confident in demonstrating initiative and leadership in a variety of situations and building synergy and cooperation through effective communication, constructive engagement and teamwork. You will be equipped with a deeper understanding of decision-making process and the ability to weigh the consequences of business and leadership decisions in multiple situations.

Programmes and learning opportunities

We offer a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of subject areas. Our Bachelors programmes include: business management; business management with marketing; business management with human resources; business management with economics; and accounting and finance from the University of the West of England. In addition, we also offer Villa College’s own bachelors programme in human resource management. New undergraduate programmes in a variety of subject areas are also being developed to cater for increasing demands of our students. As a Gold-status certified approved learning centre, we also offer our students the opportunity to advance their career in accounting through our ACCA programme.

We take pride in our flagship Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme of the University of the West of England. The programme prepares future leaders and managers who are equipped for the changing demands and expectations of the global and local business and management environment. The programme offers you a whole set of toolsets and practical insights into organizations, business cultures, and multiple dimensions of the business world. We encourage you to explore better, creative and responsible ways in advancing organizations and their functions, with the ability to create growth and sustainable value.

The newly introduced Master of Science in Accounting and Finance Management from the University of West of England is designed to equip you with the ability to analyse and interpret financial information and use this to inform effective business strategy. The programme is highly practice focused, which ensures that you gain the required knowledge and skills essential for your work and career.

Overall, the Faculty of Business Management has setup important benchmarks in providing high quality education with the largest number of post-graduate/research students of any institution in the country, which is a testament to its quality commitment and student trust.


We take pride in the quality and professionalism of our lecturers and support staff. Our lecturers are experts in their respective fields, with years of teaching and industry experience along with relevant qualifications from esteemed universities. They are always willing and ready to provide all necessary support to you and help you through your programme of study.

Message for potential students

Faculty of Business Management is your gateway to an exciting academic and career future. Whatever you want to get out of your educational journey, we are here to guide you through to your destination. We are here to facilitate the realization of your dreams and to prove that with energy, dedication and enthusiasm, no dream is unreal and no goal is too far away.

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