The last Multicultural Night of 2019

The last Multicultural Night of 2019 was held on 28th November 2019 in the Villa College Hall. This event is also an assessment component for the first semester Foundation students. As such, students from Foundation in Law, Foundation in Teaching, Foundation in Psychology, Certificate 4 in Accounting, Certificate 4 in Business Administration, Certificate 4 in Information Technology and Certificate 4 in Human Resource Management took part in this event. Students from these programmes represented 6 different countries which were, Spain, Nigeria, Germany, Russia, Vietnam and Australia. The decorations and information about the respective countries on display portrayed the extensive research and effort the students had put into their work.

In this event, the students also presented a cultural performance with some interesting facts of their respective country. Afterwards, certificates and medals were presented to the winners of the best stall and the best performance. Germany was selected as the 3rd Best Stall, Nigeria as the 2nd and Russia as the Best Stall of the night. Meanwhile, Spain was selected as the 3rd Best Performance, Russia as 2nd and Nigeria as the Best Performance of the night.

All in all, it was an amazing night full of talented students and their work. This is one of the most anticipated events in every semester for the students of Villa College.