Delegates from the University of the West of England

Delegates from the University of the West of England (UWE), Faculty of Applied and Health Sciences , Mr. Joseph Jamu and Mr. Matt Jones arrived today. The primary purpose of the visit is to conduct staff development activities and workshops and to conduct teaching for the students. Support sessions and workshops will be conducted for the academic staff to ensure quality of programme delivery for the Nursing and Public Health courses conducted at Villa College. In addition, during the visit, students will get to experience lectures and guidance from these actual lecturers teaching these programmes in UK.

Through these visits, Villa College strives to create opportunities for students doing UWE programmes to interact with these subject experts and get the “UK flavour” so that it contributes towards positive student experience.

The delegates will be here from 16 April 2018 till 21 April 2018 and will provide support to the academic staff in the form of Module Marking Workshops, Dissertation Module Support, Ethics and Supervision related workshops in addition to programme evaluation and lectures for the students. It is expected that these support sessions will help to ensure that the quality of delivery as well as assessment feedback and marking is on par with the level and expectation of UWE.