Bachelor of Teaching Mathematics

This program provides content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge to teach various topics in mathematics for secondary and higher secondary levels. This includes discussions on concepts, appropriate learning theories, use of approaches, strategies, and use of appropriate media for teaching, such as use of manipulative techniques, teaching aids, information technology, games and others. Techniques to develop higher order thinking skills and communication skills is included when teaching the various topics.


The programme aims to enable students to:

  • Demonstrate the essential content knowledge and skills to perform competently as mathematics teachers;
  • Understand child cognitive development, mathematics learning and higher order thinking skills to apply mathematical reasoning skills to different contexts;
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of the main theories, concepts and principles of education, curriculum and pedagogy; and integrate them in the teaching environment;
  • Apply specialised skills and professional practices to teaching environments, where there is a degree of unpredictability;
  • Use professional level insights to evaluate and synthesize solutions to address issues related to secondary and higher secondary level teaching;
  • Work autonomously to undertake responsibilities at professional level in teaching and leadership, and use constructive criticism; and
  • Implement an on-going program of self-education appropriate to their personal and professional needs.


Entry Requirement:

  • 2 passes E or above at GCE A'Level & 3 passes C or above at GCE O'Level / SSC; OR

  • Diploma in a relevant field & 2 passes C or above at GCE O'Level / SSC; OR

  • Relevant Foundation (Villa College)

Course Fee: MVR 2999 per installment x 6

Total Number of Semesters: 6

MNQF Level: Level 7




Programme Structure 

1st YearCredits
Maldivian Culture & Language in Time 15
Educational Psychology 15
ICT Skills for Teaching & Learning 15
Teaching & Learning Strategies 15
English Language for Teachers 15
Introduction to  Algebra 15
Algebra, Trigonometry and Function 15
Introduction to Calculus 15
2nd Year 
Islamic Studies 15
Curriculum Studies 15
Educational Sociology 15
Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation 15
Introductory Statistics 15
Calculus & Linear Algebra 15
Mathematics Teaching I 15
School Experience I 15
3rd Year 
Advanced Calculus 15
Advanced Linear Algebra 15
Introductory Mechanics 15
Mathematics Teaching II 15
Advanced Mechanics 15
Advanced Statistics 15
School Experience II 30
 Total Credits360