MSc Information Technology (MSc IT)

Awarding Institution: University of the West of England

MNQF Level: 9

Duration: 1 Year

Programme Description

The MSc in Information Technology programme prepares you for the intellectual, analytical and practical challenges of a career in IT. You will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to collate information, define, design and build or select the most appropriate IT solutions and develop a deeper understanding of how those solutions apply to professional contexts.

Upon graduation, you will be able to critically evaluate developments and new applications of information and communication technology systems, and relate them to the roles and uses of IT in different business settings. You will also have an enhanced understanding of system problems and how to choose the right methods and approaches to develop systems. From engaging in primary research for the dissertation and studying relevant literature, you will learn to recognise what constitutes suitable research questions or hypotheses and the appropriate perspectives for analysis.


At the end of the programme, students should:

  • have a flexible and critical attitude to innovation and change and be prepared for changing and varied employments;
  • understand the significance of the dynamic role of information and systems technologies in the development of modern business and its importance in society in general;
  • be able to analyse, synthesise and provide for the acquisition of appropriate skills in order that these may be applied in future employment;
  • understand, and be able to use and exploit, relevant modern information systems;
  • have management and communication skills relevant to the activities involved in information systems use and management;
  • have an awareness of the social and organisational contexts in which information and technological changes operate;
  • have a firm foundation on which to build future professional development;
  • be able to carry out independent supervised research within the information world through the application of relevant methodical and analytical approaches

Programme Structure

The course is organised around two semesters.

Module Title


Compulsory Modules

Professionalism and Governance In IT


Project Management


Digital Design and Development


Information Security


Group Software Development Project




Optional Modules

Data Management


Social Media and Web Science


Information and Knowledge Management


Designing the User Experience


Big Data


Cloud Computing


Linked, Open Data and The Internet of Things


Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics


Entry Criteria

Has successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree at MNQF level 7 or Level 8 in the relevant field.

Admission Open