MA Education

About the programme

The MA course in Education is designed for individuals from diverse educational
backgrounds who are seeking to improve their educational skills and gain an in-depth
knowledge and understanding.

There is a clear need for educationalists that possess the appropriate skills,
knowledge and ability to lead and motivate. The rationale of the programme is therefore
to develop educational leaders who have the necessary qualities, not only to lead their own
organisations effectively, but who will contribute towards their community and society at l
arge through lifelong personal development.

The course aims to support participants in developing as critically reflective practitioners
with a broader and deeper understanding of their context, phase or subject. Students are
supported in analysing and carrying out small-scale enquiries, underpinned by and
connecting theory with practice.


Teaching and Learning

In addition to scheduled lectures, a range of student-centred learning approaches will be
employed including team exercises, research, problem solving, group and individual
presentation etc. As students progress through the programme, learning techniques will
become broader and more varied to facilitate self-motivation and self-confidence.



Assessment is by a variety of methods including written assignments, directed tasks, posters
and short oral presentations. Final percentage grades will be awarded at the end of each
module based on pre-determined criteria and outcomes.


Entry Requirement:

  • An MNQF Level 7 qualification or equivalent in the field of teaching/education OR

  • An MNQF Level 7 qualification in any other field plus a teaching/education qualification

Course Fee:

  • Course work semester - 2 Semester

          MVR 7,500 per installment (4 Installments) / per semester

  • Thesis Semester - 1 semester

          MVR 7,000 per installment (3 Installments)

Duration: 1 Year (3 semesters)

MNQF Level: Level 9

Certificate Awarding Body: University of the West of England




  • Teaching for Learning

  • The Transformation Dimensions of Lifelong Learning

  • Leadership and Management Development

  • Researching Education

  • Dissertation

Admission Open