Know Your Responsibilities

As a student of Villa College, you have the opportunity to excel in an area of study and contribute to society. This requires dedication and hard work. We expect our students to take responsibility for their own learning. Self-study is an essential element of higher education. For every contact hour, we expect our students to spend at least TWO hours on self-study. Seeking support and guidance from all faculties and engaging in dialogue is an essential part of your study. Professional growth and practical application of what you learn is a central objective of your study.

Following are some of the key responsibilities of students:

  • Respect knowledge, scholarship, and truth and to act with honesty and integrity at all levels of academic life.
  • Be aware that all forms of academic dishonesty or misconduct are unacceptable.
  • Be respectful of the rights and privileges of others and earn respect.
  • Participate actively and positively in the teaching and learning environment; it is expected that students will: 
    • attend classes as required
    • maintain steady progress within the unit or course framework
    • comply with workload expectations, and submit required work on time

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