National level Research

Villa College has experience in number of research projects that involve in-depth studies. Some of the major projects Institute for Research and Innovation of Villa College has completed includes:

Justice Sector Baseline Survey [nationwide survey], A UNDP Project

Survey on Public Perceptions regarding Family Planning, A Collaborative Project with Society for Health Education Project

Conducting Training on Civil Service Management Audit, a collaborative project with the President’s Office, Civil Service Commission, and UNDP

Risk of Violence Against Children Deprived of their Liberty, A project for the Juvenile Justice Unit of Ministry of Home Affairs

National Financial Capability Survey, A World Bank project in collaboration with MPAO and CMDA

Customer Satisfaction Survey [nationwide survey], a project of Bank of Maldives.

Maldives National Higher Education Master Plan Consultancy, A World Bank Project with Department of Higher Education

Assessment of Family Planning Policy Implementation.

Development of the Country Strategy Paper (CPS) for Operational Phase 6 of UNDP Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP).

Assessment to Identify Issues Faced by Women in Accessing Justice (UNDP).

College level Research

In addition to research carried out at national level, Institute for Research and Innovation also has carried out numerous research that involve in-depth studies through its research students. These researches are mainly on the following areas:



Effectiveness of homework given to the secondary grade students on their academic performance in a Maldivian school

Professional development of teachers (How would the teachers with Advanced Certificate without Diploma survive with teacher licensing)

Girls are doing much better than boys in secondary grades now. Need to find out why

Relationship between students participation in extracurricular activities and their academic achievement

Perceptions of stakeholders on the academic achievement of students migrating to Male' schools

Relationship between teachers job satisfaction and student achievement

Perceptions of teachers and students on factors mitigating school misconduct

Problems faced by students in learning second language

Integrating ICT into the Curriculum

Student behaviour in relation with teaching methodology

Differentiated Instruction: Teachers understanding and implementation of differentiated instruction in Grade 1 to 7 classrooms

How teacher questioning effects students interactions in the classroom

Teachers' perception on PD and its impact on classroom teaching

Effect of teacher personality on students' performance

Teachers' literacy level and students' achievement

Students Motivation

Social Emotional Learning: Life Skills

Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress Among Primary Teachers in Male’ Schools

Inclusive Education

Assessment and Evaluation

Challenges of Educating Hearing Impaired Students in Maldives

Relationship between internal locus of control and self-efficacy on academic achievement

Shadow Education and Student Achievement

Higher Order Thinking Skills in Science

Mathematics Education

Teachers' Perspective on Factors Affecting Mathematics Performance

Professional Development

Teachers’ Perception About The Role Of Mathematics In Developing The Intellectual Capability Of Students

ICT in Schools

Learner Beliefs

Professional Development

Perception of Maldivian teachers towards the usage of social networking for school purposes

ICT in Schools

Higher Order Thinking Skills / Teaching and Learning Science

Effectiveness Of Learning Styles On Motivation Of Mathematics Students Of A Selected Secondary School Of Maldives

A Study of Mathematics Anxiety and its relationship with self-efficacy and personality characteristics of teachers in middle school and secondary school students of Fuvahmulak

Higher Education

Secondary Students’ Attitude Towards Mathematics And its Impact on Mathematics Achievement In Gn. Fuvahmulah

Learner Beliefs

Shadow Education

ICT in Schools

Professional Development

Teacher Beliefs

Higher Order Thinking Skills in Science

Teachers attitude towards inclusive Education: A case study of a school in Addu City

Whether there is a difference in achievement and attitude towards learning between Science Stream and Business Stream

Social Networking in Schools

Private Supplementary Tutoring: Shadow Education

How do positive student-teacher relationship effect students’ academic success

Challenges faced by secondary students in understanding Chemistry concepts

What motivates teachers to teach

Challenges faced by the parents and teachers due to the assessment system adopted by the public schools in Maldives

Understanding of biological concepts among male and female lower secondary students

Teachers' perception on the effectiveness of ability grouping on the performance of secondary school students

Leadership Style by the Leaders and how it impacts on teacher performance

Gender differences in academic performance of Secondary School students.

The impact of shadow education on secondary school students academic success

Primary teachers’ attitudes towards integrating technology in classroom teaching

Relationship between preparedness and classroom experiences in classroom management, in graduate and student teachers

A quantitative study on the frequency of use of modern technology on current education, level of teacher’s interest in using technology in classroom, effectiveness in teaching and learning, changes in student’s performance and the challenges for Maldivian schools in adopting new technologies

A quantitative study on the Effects of Private Tuition on the Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students in Subject of Mathematics in Male, Maldives

Impact of Dhasvaaru programme on student’s attitudes towards learning

The role of parental involvement in academic performance of secondary students in School A

Science in key stage 1 in Fuvahmulak: The implementation of new curriculum

Reticence of speaking in a Maldivian ESL classroom: Causes and solutions

The effect of students understanding of Mathematical language on their academic achievement in Mathematics

Impact of Parenting Style on academic performance of adolescents: a case study in Maldives.

The Impact of Private Tuition

Learning style of secondary school students in Male' and its relationship to the academic performance

Teachers attitude towards mathematics teaching and students performance in Mathematics at secondary level in Maldives.

Leadership Style on teacher motivation

Exploring the relationship between test anxiety gender and academic performance of secondary students

Advantages of a credit and competency based curriculum for students of Dhonfanu School.

The impact of parental involvement on student's high academic performance

The relationship between instructional leadership, school culture and staff trust

Principles practice of transformational leadership and teachers' job satisfaction for organizational commitment in Lhaviyani Atoll School.

Meeting the Excellence of Schools: Importance and Benefits of Teacher Collegiality

Secondary Teachers' perception on the impact of school based professional development programmes on their teaching in a Maldivian School

A Qualitative study on Maldivian Teachers Perception towards using ICT in Teaching

Relationship between co-curricular activities and secondary student’s performance in Raa Atoll

The significant HR practices found in Maldivian Higher Educational Institutes

Relationship between Principals’ Leadership Style and the Academic Achievement of the GCE O/L results of the Students’


perspectives of Maldivian school leaders on the benefits of assessment for learning, challenges in implementing and solutions to overcome the challenges

Contributing Factors of Truancy Among The Secondary School Students In Male’

The Impact of Teacher Absenteeism on Students’ Academic Performance: A Case study of the school "X" in South Maalhosmadulu Atoll

Parental Involvement and Students’ Achievement: A survey amongst secondary school students

“Successful Incorporation of students with special educational needs in mainstream classroom

Factors affecting the use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in educating children in Maldives.


Teacher’s Perception of Inclusion of Special Educational Needs Students in the Regular

a qualitative study on the factors influencing the motivation of science teachers working a Iskandar school lower grades

Challenges in the path of Implementing Vocational Education Programs in Secondary schools.

qualitative study on factors causing student absenteeism according to teachers and peers

Attitude towards school-based vocational education in Maldives



Parental involvement in children’s education

Equality in Education- the needs of inclusive education in secondary classes in male' school

Student motivation in secondary classrooms.

Secondary school drop-out students in Maldives: Main causes and its prevention

Importance of acquiring skills need for the quality work

Integrating ICT in primary school education: Critical success factors

The positive relation between teacher and student helps to improve student’s behaviour.


Why is it challenging to create interest in Dhivehi Language teaching and learning in international school environment in the Maldives?

High school students lack of interest towards teaching profession

Lesson observation for high quality teaching and learning

Relationship between self-efficacy and academic achievement of secondary students

The impact of science teachers experience and the extent of usage of inquiry based science teaching in primary classroom.

Professional Development Experiences

Parent Perceptions of School Environment and its Impact on Students’
Academic Performance of the School X

A study of social leaders impact on teacher performance

Factors affecting teacher motivation

An action research on developing students research skills

 IGSC result

An Analysis of critical factors effecting the job satisfaction and its effect on teachers performance in a Maldivian schools

Teacher perceptions and management of challenging students behaviours in a selected secondary school of Maldives

Teachers perception on Differentiated instructions and its influence on instructional practice

Teachers perception on Professional Development (PD)

How do students’ independent learning behaviors and attitudes enhance Mathematics achievement?

The Effectiveness of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations on Secondary School Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Performance in Hulhumale’ Schools

Student centered learning in the new curriculum of Maldives; benefits and challenges in the context of a 6th grade classroom.

A case study of secondary students attitude and their perspective about learning mathematics

Students absenteeism in Aminiya school

Teachers’ perspective on using technology as an instructional tool in the class.

Factors influencing the usage of inquiry based science teaching by primary teachers.

Role of leading teachers in implementing formative assessment in Key-stage one.

Less is more; what can we learn from the education system of Finland

An evaluation of the nature and extent to which principles/values of Active Citizenship are enshrined in the Maldivian primary (Key Stages 1, 2 and 3) school syllabus and textbooks of Social Studies and English subjects.

Emotional intelligence and its relationship with the classroom management of primary level school teachers in Maldives

Exploring the impacts of Curriculum Innovations on the skills development amongst middle school children

Factors affecting Mathematics performance : from students’ perspectives

Communication gap between senior management and teachers

The role of Questioning in high school classroom

Impact of parental involvement in student academic of Muhyiddin School.

Not having breakfast at school: what could be the reasons? Does it have impact on
their learning? 

The impacts of teaching everyday life applications in the classroom

The impact of Parental Involvement in Education

underlying causes of high truancy rate in Maldives high secondary schools and approaches to improve students’ attendance at this level of education.

Effectiveness of TVET program

Effective communication for school improvement

Healthy breakfast consumption plays an important role in academic performance in school children

Teachers' perception of their staff development experiences

The impact of mothers’ employment status on child behavior and development

Formative assessment

Relationship between self-esteem and academic performance of secondary
students of Muhyiddin School

Effective classroom observation can improve standard of teaching and support teachers’ professional development

What are the impacts on students, teachers and parents when the form of testing is changed from summative to formative in local classrooms? 

Metacognitive Awareness and Academic Achievement of secondary students in school X

Challenges in the implementation of new curriculum

Impact of tuition on students’ classroom participation and learning responsibility in 10th graders.

Effectiveness of Principal’s conflict resolution style: teachers’ perspectives

Impact of integrating ICT in teaching and learning process

Factors and Challenges in transition from Primary to Secondary in English as a Second Language: Teachers’ Perspective

Effects of Ability grouping on individual students’ Academic performance

Impact of absenteeism on student academic performance

Should schools focus more on personality and character formation than on
academic education?

Effect of school culture on teachers’ performance in a secondary school

Inclusive Education in Island primary schools

Impact of organizational culture on teacher’s motivation in a primary school.


Factors that contribute to strengthen teamwork in the school organization

Integrating ICT in teaching: Challenges and possible solutions

An assessment of the implementation of differentiated instruction in primary schools of Fuvahmulah.

Time Management: The key to Teacher Effectiveness

The Effects of Motivation on the Performance of Teachers’ in a Selected Primary School

Factors affecting student’s attitude towards advanced level Mathematics

Identifying the factors impacting on moral values of primary students in Fuvahmulaku school.

Implementation of Differentiated Instruction in Mainstreamed Classrooms of a Primary School

Barriers to parental involvement in teaching and learning: perspectives of teachers and parents in a secondary school of Maldives

Pedagogical knowledge The impacts of professional development programs on teacher’s pedagogical knowledge.

Improving Student Performance through Effective Feedback.

Assessment for learning in classrooms: Challenges to implementation
and possibilities for enhancing effectiveness

Role of supervisors’ in motivating Teachers to teach effectively.

Differentiated Instruction and Its Effect on Student Literacy: Meeting the Diverse Needs of All Learners

Effect of parental involvement on student’s academic performance

Limitation of standardized testing for diagnostic and assisting student learning

How does private tuition enhance student's performance in ABC Primary school of Addu City: Teachers and parent Perception

Principal’s decision-making styles and staff performance in secondary schools in Maldives, Addu City.

Relationship between Teacher’s beliefs and Attitudes Towards Teaching.

The effect of online homework on student motivation and achievement

Does parental involvement improves students’ academic performance in X school of Addu

Middle School students of Afeefuddin School behaviour problems in the classroom.

Effect of cooperative learning strategies on students thinking

Factors affecting teacher motivation in Jalaluddin School, a secondary school in Kulhuhuffushi

A study on finding the impact of extracurricular activities on students’
academic performance


How can the effects of bullying could be minimize in schools

Social media impact on effective parenting

The obstacles of using smart board in teaching.

Managing inappropriate behaviours in the classroom

Educational resources with respect to special education

Embedding ICT into everyday classroom practices in teaching and learning.

Effectiveness of School Based Professional Development.

A Study of Lower-order and Higher-order Questions at Primary Level

What causes some children to be bullies?

Impacts of discipline issues for academic learning?

Factors affecting students’ absenteeism in primary schools of Kulhudhuffushi.

Job satisfaction of employees in teaching field of Maldives

Factors affecting teachers’ motivation in a Maldivian secondary school


The Impact of Changes on Employee's Motivation - A Case Study of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport

Challenges Facing the Development of Islamic Finance in the Maldives

Effectiveness of Video Advertisements in Creating Brand Recognition and Recall

Marketing Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises

Gender Gap in Management and the Presence of Glass Ceiling within Civil Service of the Maldives - A Case Study

A Framework for Top Management Decisions on Selecting HRIS Software Solutions

Health Risks Due to Working Hours; Are the Workers Health More at a Risk When the Workers Do the Night and Shift Work, In Comparison to the Workers Who Do Non-Shift Work

Compliance with Corporate Governance Code by Public Listed Companies in Maldives

Introducing the Theme Park Concept to the Maldivian Tourism Industry

Effect of Competency Based Remuneration on Employee Productivity; Human Resource Managers' Perception

Employee's Motivation in Paradise Island Resort and Spa

A Study on the Consumer Preference for Bottled Water in Hulhumale', Maldives

Impact of Taxes on the Performance of Retailers in male', Maldives

Employee Motivation in Private Sector Business Organizations in Male', Maldives

Empirical Analysis of Delays in the Signing of Audit Reports in the Public Sector of Maldives

Necessity of Introducing Flexible Work Arrangement in the Health Sector of Maldives

Factors influencing Employee Turnover at Supermarkets: Case Study of Agora, Maldives

Problems Faced by Small and Medium Size Retail Business Enterprises to Expand Their Business. A Study from the Capital City of Maldives, Male'

Employee Motivation of the Health Sector of the Maldives

Transfer of Training: Exploration of Transfer Process Factors as a Way to Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction of Maldives Islamic Bank

Work-Life Balance and its Relation with Employee Loyalty Towards and Organization - A Study of Public Sector Organizations in the Maldives

Impact of Green IT on an Organization: The Case Study on Bandos Island

To provide a better understanding on the use of CRM in business firms

Finding out the adequacy of CSR programs carried out in the Maldives

Shelf Positioning Rewards On Impulse Buying

Significance of location factor in fast food industry

Identifying the factors which lead to failure in bringing improvement to employees’ performance and overall organizational performance


Effects of increased number of Chinese tourist arrivals to the Maldives – A case of Bandos Island Resort & Spa

how the improved education in their curriculum as well as resort training programmes have created awareness and new perceptions about working in the resort

Factors that affect the level satisfaction of government employees

Growth Potential for Islamic Finance in the Maldives

Why most people prefer to be a self-employment in Maldives

An Investigation of small and medium enterprises in Maldives

Socio-economic impact of increasing expatriate workers in Maldives


The Survival and Growth of Small and Medium Size Local Travel Agencies in the Maldives

Assessing public awareness on Islamic finance and demand for a shariah compliant finance leasing company

A study in communication of marketing mix

Transparent Procurement Strategy for Government Organizations

Market opportunities in Tourism Industry for Small and Medium Enterprises

Critical Evaluation on the impact of implementing SAP ERP solution (Sales Distribution Module) in STO

Stability of human resource management for a stable and successful organization


Impacts of STELCO venturing into different markets that are already dominated by the private sector.

Importance of Employee Retention and motivational Strategies

Human Resource Management in Maldives

Relationship between leadership style and employee performance in an educational institution

Leadership Change and its Impact on the public and private sector Organizations and it Employees

Impact of motivation on high performance among public and private sector employees in Maldives

The shortage of Foreign currency in the Maldives

Tourism Sector in Maldives

Resistance to change in Public Sector Organizations

The study on Change resistance in work environment

Factors behind the brand switching in telecommunication industry (Maldives)

“A study of Information technology and its impact on employee performance at local council offices in Maldives”.

Factors Influencing Brand Switching in Telecommunication Industry of Maldives

Influencers of customer purchasing decisions

Consequences of Centralizing services

The economic effects of unregulated expatriate workforce in the Maldives

Overcoming the ways of unfair labour practices in the context of Maldives.

Reasons for increased Rate of turnover in privet sector of Maldives

Evaluation of leadership in the Maldives National Cadet Corps

Managing human resources for a smooth organizational change

Waste Management in Greater Male’, Maldives

Shift working hours and work-life balance of female medical employees (Local Government Hospital)

Challenges for the development of Islamic Financial system in the Maldives.

STOs’ Entrance of tourism industry

Impacts on Maldives tourism industry due to economic changes

Human Resource Management: Strategic human resource management strategies and plans for the Construction Industry of Maldives. 

Conflict management at workplace.

Truth behind paradise.

To investigate the effectiveness of brand for purchase decision

Impacts of Implementing E-Commerce to a wider spectrum on Fuvahmulah Businesses

Gaining sustainable competitive advantage through information system

Green Marketing in the Maldives

“Islamic Banking in the Maldives: Opportunities and Challenges”

Impacts on tourist resorts after introducing local tourism.

The Art of Digital Marketing in the Mobile Space

Effect of charging import duty on imports in Maldivian context

The relationship between Human Resources and Employee Retention in Maldives

Evaluating Market Feasibility of Guest House business in Maldives

Why large number of illegal workers live in Maldives and their Impacts to Maldives economy

Logistics and supply chain management of STO medical supplies. (STO=state trading organization)

Strengthening Public Finance: In the Maldives

Why is an effective ERP system significant to Maldives Police Service?

e-Marketing in the Maldives hospitality industry: Challenges and Opportunities.

Developing a Sustainable and Profitable Tuna Processing Strategy in Maldives – A comparative study of loss making fish processing factories in Maldives.

Best option to introduce renewable energy to an island of Maldives with a population of 500-700

Does the Maldives have the growing tourism demand, whereas facing the difficulties of global warming?

Marketing as a function or strategy in organizations

Efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain management

Performance appraisal management system

Customer perception towards internet banking in Maldives

Proper financial strategies for survival of SME’s in the context of Maldives

Analysis of Financial Performance of listed companies in Maldives

Investigation into effects of high employee turnover rate in STO

Interrelation between Service Quality attributes, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in the Retail Banking Sector in Maldives

Effects of brand image on consumer choice – A study on restaurants and cafés in Male’, Maldives

Achieving customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by the National Airline of the Maldives, Maldivian.

Relationship Management as a sustainable competitive advantage for a banker

Effect of Organizational Structure, Work Delegation and Leadership on Employee Motivation and Productivity - A Study on Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Maldives

Research on Human Resource Development at Island Breeze Maldives Pvt Ltd

Impact of leadership styles on the employees and performance of the organization in Maldives.

Impact of reward and remuneration management on employee turnover

An analysis of the Demand for Islamic Banking and Finance in Maldives

Reasons for staff turnover and its effects in civil organizations Fuvahmulah

The Impact of Leadership styles in Employee Retention: a comparative study on private and public pre-school management at Fuvhamulah, Maldives.

The impact of discount card of Sithaana Store on customers’ store loyalty

Employee Empowerment and Organizational Effectiveness in the schools of Fuvahmulah

The effect of leadership on the performance of the organization

The study on service quality and the customer satisfaction

Professional qualifications of Board of Directors and company performance: Examples of the Maldives listed companies

Does Motivational techniques used by Maldivian organizations, motivates their employees and does their organization structure helps employee’s to develop themselves.

How corporate social responsibility effect business organization in Maldives

Growth challenges of small-scale businesses

Restructuring and organizational change: The experience of the employees in the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited

How important it is access to credit and other financial services to growth and investment?

Second Generation Leadership Change and its Impact on the Organizations and it Employees

Marketing Approach of STO

The Strategic role of HRM in organizational structures and workforce of public sector : Ministry of Finance & Treasury, Maldives

Viability of Public Transportation in the Maldives

A study on the impact of employee motivation on achieving the objectives of public limited companies in Fuvahmulah.

Leadership styles and efficiency in the public sector organizations of Fuvahmulah

Managing poor performance and absenteeism in public sector in Maldives

Importance of establishing a shipping company by Stat Trading Organization PLC

The Impact of Workplace diversity on the productivity of an organization such as Maldives Police Service. 

Logistic challenges of transferring cargo can effect the cost and quality of goods.

Correlation between Leadership and organizational performance at Salesco Pvt Ltd

Effectiveness of employee motivational tools of Maldives Civil Service

The Significance of Establishing Integrated National Data Repository in Maldives

Impact of import Duty Vs GST on SME’s Restaurants-Hotels in Male’/Hulhumale’

Impact of workplace environment on employees motivation and work performance

Mortgage Financing in the Maldives

Re-Modelling of Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM)

Effects of Oracle ERP implementation on the employee morale at MACL

An Empirical studies of Challenges in implementation of income tax in Maldives

Impact of leadership style on employee motivation at Maldives Airports Company Limited

Impact of performance management systems on employee satisfaction and organizational performance in Maldives Airports Company Limited.

Effects of Maldivian tax system to the Small and Medium enterprise (SMEs) operating in Male’ region.

Centralization of Government institution’s IT services and Cost reduction

Impact of GEMS (Government E-Letter Management System) on productivity and cost

Effectiveness of Stock and Procurement Procedures at Family Court

Factors affecting customer satisfaction in airline sector: Srilankan Airline

Factors affecting the guest house business in Hulhumale

Factors that contribute to expatriates’ labour conditions

Training and Employee motivation

The impact of Organizational Change Management

Information Technology

Empirical study on IPV6: A POC for SME's in the Maldives

Can NEMO BSP Route optimization problem be solved using BGP and OSPF

Understanding Sustainability of Maldivian Public Ferry Transport system with unified Information Management System

Usability of Kinect in Teaching and Learning at a higher secondary schools in the Maldives

Broadband QUS collection and visualization implementation for dispersed geographic region

Efficiency through Information Systems

Factors influencing the adoption of mobile apps within public service sector of Maldives

Implementing better health care system to the Maldivian for personnel medical record maintenance

Micro home automation system (eRoom)

Developing an effective Valuation tool and price analysis mechanisms in Maldives Customs Service

Development and enhancement of face recognition system for border security

A situational Analysis of ICT accessibility to people with disability in Maldives

National Registration System in the Maldives: Applying ICT to improve the system

A framework for implementation of ICT based teaching in grade schools of Maldives using free and open source software (FOSS)

A software for registration and managing NGO's in the Maldives

Health & other Social Research

A critical analysis of the Effectiveness of Rehabilitation programmes for Juvenile Offenders in Maldives.

Does student perform better in cognitive activities by listening music of their choice?

Internet addiction among students of Maldives.

The Impact of text managing on literacy skill among college students in the Maldives- How do students & teachers perceive

Cost and Benefits of Organic composting in Alif Ukulhus

Exploring perceptions of meanings young children associate with food and perceived barriers to healthy eating

Effectiveness of the use of the iPad application, Proloquo2Go, in enhancing communication in Autistic children.

The factors impacting/affecting motivation of teachers

Understanding the College Dropout Population

Types of Learners in Secondary Grades

The practical challenges of inter-agency practice for social work agencies in the Maldives

Attitudes towards littering as an indicator and component of behaviour

Energy drink consumption pattern and behavioural practices among college students in Male', Maldives

Domestic violence services in the Maldives

Impact of shock on the structurally and stochastically poor, and the vulnerable in Maldives.

Is there a significant negative environmental impact on the coral reefs due to the existing method of sewage disposal

Knowledge of Tuberculosis and health care seeking behavior of Patients attending the respiratory medicine clinic (RMC) at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH)

Knowledge , attitude and practice of Al-Hijama in Maldives

Prevalence, knowledge and beliefs about health risks of smoking among college students

Nurses experiences of caring for geriatric patients who have no support from their relatives and are admitted in Indhra Gandhi Memorial Hospital

Knowledge and practices regarding foot care among patients with Type-2 diabetes in IGMH

Importance of early detection and prevention: stroke risk factors in Maldives

Primary prevention of breast cancer: self-examination of breast

Knowledge and awareness of young men in Maldives about Heart Disease

Experience of patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)and its impact on quality of life

Knowledge, attitude and practice of Tuberculosis among Bangladeshi population in Male’, Maldives