Business and Tourism are the two most core business of Villa groups. Under this umbrella, the Villa College Business Faculty is one of the thriving faculties at the College. Thus, conducting research and focusing its business and tourism on the latest findings is one of the key to its success. Thus, the main aim of Business and Tourism Research Group is to study through rigorous research on the latest business approaches. Researchers working in this group lead by Dr. Ali Najeeb are:

Group Members

Dr. Ali Najeeb (Leader)
Hawwa Ashiya
Dr. Mohamed Kinaanath
Abdulla Nafiz
Mohamed Shafeeq (HDFC)
Ahmed Shaan Mansoor
Dr Mohamed Adil

Currently, the group is planning research on a number of projects including, Research on 'Managerial responses to Maldivian Employment Act', 'Impact of e-business in the tourism sector', 'Multi-criteria decision making in recruitment and selection', 'Case Study - MNSL', and 'VC Research Journal – business and tourism issue'.