The aim of an education institution is to provide excellent education at to students from all social groups and of all generations. In providing such excellent education, it is important that the strategies and policies in place are based on the latest research and best practices. The main of Education Research Group at Villa College is to identify, analyze, and diagnose problems, to determine which policies and programs work best for which groups and under what circumstances, and use this knowledge to inform the policy makers in creating reliably excellent educational opportunities for students across the country. Researchers working in this team lead by Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi includes:

Group members

Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi (Leader)
Dr. Abdulla Sadiq
Abdul Sattar Gasim
Hawwa Nashwa
Mariyam Nihaadh
Fathimath Saeed
Hawwa Shiuna Musthafa
Aishath Waheeda
Aminath Nima
Aishath Shina
Faseela Shakeeb

Research activities planned by the Education research group includes: Research on 'Brain Drain', 'Why students are weak in Islam and Dhivehi compared to other subjects
Why students perform poorly in Science and Mathematics' and 'Determining the level of academic readiness of first year undergraduate students at Villa College'