Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI) in collaboration with Maldives Law Institute has completed the research project to conduct a baseline study of the Justice Sector of the Maldives. The project determined the sector status and provide data evidence on the state of an evidence base access to justice in the Maldives.

The legal and justice sector of the Maldives have undergone a number of changes over the last two decades. However, the legal and justice sector of the Maldives still remain in transition, albeit with much promise towards a future state of accountability, transparency and to be governed by the rule of law. 

With the adoption of the new Constitution and by establishing an independent judicial system, much was expected from the newly independent judiciary to serve the society and regain public confidence in the court system. However, over the last 5 years since the adoption of the new Constitution, public confidence in the court system is at an all time low. The baseline study highlighted the status of the sector from a public perception survey as well as from the views of the stakeholders of the justice sector.

The project was carried out in both Male' as well as the islands and included inputs from many stakeholders including

  • the general public from the selected atolls/islands
  • Attorney General
  • Prosecutor General
  • Maldives Police Service
  • Prisons
  • the Courts
  • Judicial Administration
  • Judicial Services Commission
  • lawyers and legal personnel
  • NGOs
  • Indepedent Commissions
  • Media

The project was completed in less than six months