Research Groups

The main aim of Business and Tourism Research Group is to study through rigorous research on the latest business approaches
The main aim of Education Research Group at Villa College is to identify, analyze, and diagnose problems, to determine which policies and programs work best for which groups and under what circumstances, and use this knowledge to inform the policy makers in creating reliably excellent educational opportunities for students across the country
The Health Research group aims to foster excellence in research in health promotion and healthy life
SMART Learning Research
The main aim of SMART Learning Research Group is to study through rigorous research on the use of and the benefits of using various types of SMART learning tools in teaching and learning
This focuses its research on addressing the latest issues in Language and linguistics both English and Dhivehi

Research Interest Areas

Business and Management 
   Leadership and management
   International Trade policy 
   Investment (local and FDI)
   Public policy (esp. development; education, poverty reduction)
   Technology in teaching & learning
   Effect of Social media on learning and behavior
   Web 2.0 technologies
   Online collaborative projects
   Collaborative Learning & Problem Solving
Otheres Social Reserch Areas
   Issue and challenges faced by Immigrant workers
   Employment opportunities( for school leavers, for women)

Full list of research Interest Areas

Research Projects

National Level
Villa College has experience in number of research projects that involve in-depth studies. Some of the major projects Institute for Research and Innovation of Villa College has completed includes
Justice Sector Baseline Survey
National Financial Capability Survey

College Level
In addition to research carried out at national level, Institute for Research and Innovation also has carried out numerous research that involve in-depth studies through its research students. These researches are mainly on the following areas: Education, Business, Information Technology, Health & other Social Areas
Researches include:
(Education) Teachers' literacy level and students' achievement
(Business) Challenges Facing the Development of Islamic Finance in the Maldives
(IT) Empirical study on IPV6: A POC for SME's in the Maldives
(Health & social areas) Primary prevention of breast cancer: self-examination of breast

Full list of research projects

Academic Bites

Academic Bite is a platformcreated by Institute for Research and Innovation toall academic staff of Villa College for the purpose of sharing and discussing knowledge, experiences and best practices in their relevant research areas in an informal environment.

During this 1-hour informal discussion, staff will share his/her experience as a short presentation followed by a discussion. The presentation is usually between 15 to 30 minutes followed by questions and discussions along with a light lunch enjoyed by the staff.

The first session of Academic Bite was held on 19th of May 2015 by Ms. Zahra Mohamed from Faculty of Education on the topic ‘ICT Integration at Villa International High School: Challenges from the Perspective of the Users’, a project carried out by the ‘SMART learning’ research initiative team of Villa College.

Session 2

Polygamy-Should it be culturally accepted? By Dr. Raheema Abdul Raheem

Session 3

My experience in publishing in journals: Lessons for aspiring early career researchers by Dr. Ali Najeeb

Session 4

“dhethiki pee”: does texting influence our communication? By Aminath Waseela

Session 5

A concept for a research paper by Dr. Mohamed Adhil

Session 6

The Grimm truth about Fairy Tales" by Dr. DheebaMoosa

Session 7

Taxonomy of Shariah Assessments: The Observed Patterns by Mr. MoosaManik

Session 8

Information and  Communications Technology (ICT) investments can boost the economy: Country-level data from the Maldives by Dr. Mohamed Kinaanath


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About Us

Institute for Research and Innovation, a growth initiative of Villa College to create a research-focussed academic community in the Maldives.

Welcome to the Institute for Research and Innovation, a growth initiative of Villa College to create a research-focussed academic community in the Maldives. The institute is committed to perform research at the highest quality and seek to meet the world leading standards of excellence in conducting research. In doing so we take the necessary actions to ensure that the quality of our research meets the international benchmarks. We also seek to publish our research in leading outlets of the appropriate fields. The institute aims to work towards bringing together academics of different institutions locally and internationally in creating a research environment as well as disseminating quality research output to inform the Maldivian society.

The focus of research at the institute is formulated around seven different areas. The THREE core principles and FOUR supporting factors. The THREE core principles are to conduct research of highest quality, to develop excellent people, and to have an impact beyond academia which yields economic, social and cultural benefits. The FOUR supporting factors are providing focus, providing the right financial, physical and knowledge resources, meeting the highest standards of research integrity, and ensuring alignment of strategy at all levels.

Institute for Research and Innovation was established on November 2012 and has conducted many research activities. The activities range from research training, supervision, action research and research projects.

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