Institute for Academic Development

The Institute for Academic Development was established in June 2012 to ensure that all academic activities of Villa College are internationally standardized and the process for the exchange of quality theories and practices are institutionalized. The Institute is situated at QI Campus and will provide the necessary services to all the VC Campus sites. 

The functions of two Centers (Center for Academic Excellence and Centre for Curriculum Development) were combined and additional responsibilities related to ensure the quality of the teaching and learning for Villa College staff, visiting lecturers and students were incorporated. 

The work of the Institute will be guided by the VC Academic Board.

The main principles upon which the Institute has been established include:

  • Oversee a broad spectrum of academic activities of the College, to ensure that the Standards set for its Quality Assurance are met with. Ensure that checks and balances are established to align the academic standard of the College with the Maldives Qualification Authority and affiliated international  Quality Assurance bodies, universities , professional bodies such as ACCA, CIMA 
  • Support the implementation of strategic priorities in teaching, learning and researcher development identified in the VC Strategy Plan.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with Deans of the Faculties and off shore campus Director and support services to develop, sustain and promote the identification and sharing of good practice.

The main responsibilities of the Institute include:

  • Support and guide faculties in making changes to existing courses or developing new courses as per Policies endorsed by the Academic Board
  • Provide relevant documentation regarding New and Revised Courses to the Registrar for accreditation
  • Develop and sustain the Library services of Villa College
  • Undertake the establishment and effective monitoring of the VC Quality Management System and provide feedback and recommendation to ensure the specified quality indicators and standards are in place.
  • Liaise and collaborate with international quality assurance bodies
  • Coordinate Annual Internal Audit of all VC Campus.
  • Conduct professional development activities related to teaching and learning to ensure and maintain the required standards for all lecturers.
  • Collect, compile and publish feedback on assessment of student learning
  • Conduct learning and teaching workshops and seminars to develop and sustain the academic quality of VC teaching staff.

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