Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS)


Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) was established in December 2011 with the aim of providing high quality education for pre-university students who aspire to pursue undergraduate qualifications at an early entry route. The foundation programmes offered at CFS aim to develop the aptitudes required by Certificate level 4 and 3 of MNQF and competencies comparable to the standards for university entry qualifications. These programmes have been recognized and accepted by well-renowned higher education institutions locally as well as internationally.

Programmes and learning opportunities

CFS offers highly successful programmes integrated with academic skills modules taught by highly qualified lecturers. These programmes are designed to provide students with specialization modules that enhance their academic knowledge in the respective areas of study and at the same time, develop their understanding and appreciation of other fundamental core modules. Undoubtedly, these courses will equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the working world.

Certificate 3 in Customer Care

Certificate 3 in Accounting

Certificate 3 in Business Studies

Certificate 3 in Human Resource Management

Certificate 3 in Hospitality

Certificate 3 in Information Technology

Certificate 3 in Marine Science

Foundation in Law

Foundation in Teaching

Certificate 4 in Accounting

Certificate 4 in Marine Science

Certificate 4 in Multimedia Technology

Certificate 4 in Information Technology

Certificate 4 in Human Resource Management

Certificate 4 in Business Adminstration

Certificate 4 in Tourism and Hotel Operations

Certificate 3 in English for Social Communication

Foundation in Psychology

Certificate 3 in Library Services

Certificate 4 in Creative Arts & Design

Certificate 3 in Criminal Investigation

Level 3 Foundation for Health Sciences

University Preparation Programme

Pre - Masters Programme

Certificate 4 in Marketing

Certificate 4 in Office Management

Certificate 4 in Project Management

Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)
Mr. Ali Shareef (Director, CFS)
Mr. Abdulla Nafiz (Dean, Faculty of Business Management)
Mr. Abdu Sattar Gasim(Deputy Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies)
Ms. Udhuma Abdul Latheef (Head of School, Faculty of Information and Communications Technology)
Dr. Sham'aa Abdullah Hameed (Dean, Faculty of Marine Science)
Uz. Shabab Rasheed (Dean, Faculty of Shariah and Law)
Mr. Asima Abdul Gadir (Community Representative)
Mr. Abdulla Habeeb (Graduate)
Ms. Aminath Suha (Academic Staff)
Mr. Ahmed Nasir (Academic Staff)
Mr. Ali Shareef - Director                          [330 3254]
Ms. Aminath Suha - Lecturer                    [330 3279]
Ms. Fathimath Shifaza - Lecturer  [330 3306]
Mr. Margret Vijay - Senior Lecturer  [330 3264]
Ms. Maurifa Abdul Rahman - Admin Officer  [330 3288]
Ms. Fathimath Hana - Admin Officer  [330 3288]



Message for potential students

Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) assures high quality education to all individuals at an express route. We will walk the extra mile to make your dreams and aspirations come true.


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