Centre for Information Communications Technology

The Centre for Information and Communications Technology (CICT) was established on 14th December 2011. Working towards creating technology boosted environment within Villa College (VC) and Villa International High School (VIHS), CICT strives:

  • To create, operate, maintain, develop and sustain the computer network at VC and VIHS. 
  • To create guidelines, benchmarks and standards necessary for VC and VIHS in order to propagate information to the students, teachers, academic management and other staffs. 
  • To increase and improve information and data availability, thereby assisting the top management in decision makings and in providing services to the students of VC and VIHS.
  • To create, develop and implement customized software systems for greater productivity, wider access to information and faster delivery of services within VC and VIHS.  
  • To develop through appropriate application of ICT for sustainable performance improvement, increase productivity / communications and provision of quality public services within VC and VIHS.  
  • To evaluate new technology to determine if it will provide benefits to the VC and VIHS in achieving its business objectives.
  • To augment and improve the infrastructure of the VC and VIHS information systems which include technical architecture (Connectivity, Hardware, Software), the organisations structure
  • To advice and conduct ICT training awareness programs to improve wider public awareness for staffs within VC and VIHS..
  • To advise the Rector and Advisory Committee about Villa College ICT Strategy to fully harness and exploit ICT for development and to plan, co-ordinate and implement the programmes and projects to achieve the ICT Policy. 

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