College Campuses

It is our goal to establish our campuses and learning centres in all the main urban centres in Maldives. We have 9 campuses dispersed around the country. These are the QI Campus, Knowledge Village, Fuvahmulah Campus, Lakeside Campus, Addu Campus, Mahibadhoo Campus, Kulhudhufushi Campus, Hithadhoo Campus and Naifaru Campus. We also have learning centres in atolls where we do not have an established campus. We believe that this will eliminate geographical barriers and open the pathway for more students throughout the Maldives to continue their higher education without having to travel too far away from home. To ensure that we are accessible throughout the Maldives, we employ different strategies, models and partnership in establishing campuses, learning centres or starting programmes in various atolls.

VC Campus

QI Campus 

Villa College Qasim Ibrahim (QI) campus, located on Boduthakurufaanu Magu, the marine drive of Male’, is the central operation of Villa College. The QI campus is designed to be environmentally friendly, with a huge rose garden and an orchid garden, and neatly trimmed grass all across the college. In addition to being the heart of the college, the central administration and faculties are located at QI campus.

Fuvahmulaku Campus 

Located in Fuvahmulaku in the southern half of the country, Villa College Fuvahmulaku campus is our first establishment in an inhabited Island. The courses offered at this campus range from Certificate level to Masters' degree level. The campus has fully air-conditioned classrooms with state of the art multimedia facilities including a modern computer lab.

Lakeside Campus 

Villa College Lakeside Campus (VCLC) is located in Shaviyani Funadhoo at a very picturesque location. The campus is surrounded by a beautiful lake with several domesticated animals across the lake. The campus offers certificate level and degree foundation programs and is expected to offer degree programs from 2014 onwards. State of art modern class rooms and facilities are available for the students studying in VCLC.

Kulhudhufushi Campus 

Villa College Eydhafushi Campus (VCKC) is located in HDh. Kulhudhuffushi, delivering certificate level to master’s level courses. The campus is equipped with modern teaching facilities.

Naifaru Campus 

Established in May 2013, the Naifaru Campus (VCNC) campus began its operations with over 250 students studying various programmes at different levels. Since its commencement, the campus has grown tremendously. The campus is equipped with modern teaching facilities to provide an ideal environment for learning.

Mahibadhoo Campus

Villa College Mahibadhoo campus (VCMC), located in Adh. Atoll Mahibdhoo, was established in April 2014. The campus is equipped with modern classrooms, a library and a computer lab. The campus offers programmes from certificate level to master’s degree in various disciplines.

Addu Campus 

Located in Seenu Hulhumeedhoo, Villa College Addu Campus VCAC was established in the year 2013. Equipped with modern teaching facilities, the campus offers programmes from certificate level to master’s degree level.

Hithadhoo Campus 

Villa College Hithadhoo (VCH) initially operated as a learning centre and was converted to a campus due to the growing number of students. The campus currently offers programmes from Certificate level to master’s level especially in education- and business-related areas.

Knowledge Village 

Located in ADh. Nalaguraidhoo (Sun Island Resort & Spa), South Ari Atoll, is located in a two-story building consisting of classrooms and accommodation for more than one hundred students. Within the campus you will find a fully equipped PADI 5-star Instructor Development Centre, hyperbaric facility, marine laboratory, equipment repair and maintenance workshop, video lab and dive shop.

The campus is specialized in programmes in the fields of marine studies and hospitality, enabling students to get first-hand exposure to the industry due to its location.

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